Watch the trailer for the new Netflix miniseries ‘Clickbait’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the trailer for the new Netflix miniseries 'Clickbait'

Netflix released the trailer for its upcoming drama miniseries Clickbait and subscribers are already losing their minds over how riveting the premise is. 

Set to release on August 25, the series stars Adrien Grenier, Betty Gabriel and Joe Kazan among others. 

The trailer is about Nick Brewer, “a husband, a father, a brother” who lives a seemingly perfect life with his family. He gets abducted, and his family looks for him before a live stream surfaces where a battered Nick holds up signs that hold his confession. He says that he has allegedly abused and killed a woman and that when the view count hits five million views, he will die. 

His family goes to extreme lengths to find him, and in this process, the bitter truths come tumbling out. Is there more to Nick than the facade of a perfect man? Or is it just another twisted and sick game being played by the kidnapper? Either way, the series seems to be a brilliant commentary on societal reaction to social media. 

A scathing social commentary, the series is set to be directed by Brad Anderson, well-known for Session 9, while it is being produced by Heyday Television, Matchbox Pictures and Tony Ayres Production. 

The trailer is very promising and has the gloomy and menacing feel of a social experiment film. We are anticipating Grenier and Gabriel to create miracles on-screen. 

As a part of their pledge to release one new film every week, the streaming platform is also releasing handfuls of television series, which seem very promising. Besides Clickbait, stay tuned in for Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass set to release in September.