Watch the new trailer for vampire flick ‘EL Conde’
(Credit: Mollie Sivaram)

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Watch the new trailer for vampire flick 'EL Conde'

Netflix has released the brand new trailer for El Conde, a graphic vampire movie previously referred to as The Count during its early stages of production.

Helmed by Pablo Larraín, the same filmmaker behind the Oscar-nominated movies Spencer, Jackie and No, the new movie promises a more artistic take on the vampire sub-genre of horror.  

Filmed in beautiful black and white, the synopsis for the forthcoming film reads: “El Conde is a dark comedy/horror that imagines a parallel universe inspired by the recent history of Chile. The film portrays Augusto Pinochet, a symbol of world fascism, as a vampire who lives hidden in a ruined mansion in the cold southern tip of the continent”. 

Continuing, it adds: “Feeding his appetite for evil to sustain his existence. After two hundred and fifty years of life, Pinochet has decided to stop drinking blood and abandon the privilege of eternal life. He can no longer bear that the world remembers him as a thief…Despite the disappointing and opportunistic nature of his family, he finds new inspiration to continue living a life of vital and counterrevolutionary passion through an unexpected relationship”. 

Penned by Larraín and Guillermo Calderón, the cast includes the likes of Jaime Vadell, Gloria Münchmeyer, Marcial Tagle, Alfredo Castro, Paula Luchsinger and Catalina Guerra. 

A lover of a good biopic, two of Larraín’s aforementioned Oscar nominees were based on the lives of real icons and do well to dive deep into the emotional consciousness of both Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana, respectively

El Conde will hit Netflix on September 15th, 2023. Take a look at the trailer below.