Watch the new teaser trailer for Korean thriller ‘Ballerina’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the new teaser trailer for Korean thriller ‘Ballerina’

Netflix has released its first look at its upcoming South Korean thriller movie Ballerina, starring Jeon Jong-seo from last year’s Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area and 2020’s The Call.

Directed by Lee Chung-hyun, who helmed 2015’s The Bargain and collaborated previously with Jong-seo on The CallBallerina features Jong-seo as a former bodyguard, Ok-ju, set on a path of bloody vengeance following the untimely death of her friend.

The teaser’s opening gives audiences some context on Ok-ju’s mission of revenge, with glimpses of her friendship with the recently deceased Min-hee (played by Park Yu-rim). “There’s something I need to do,” we hear Ok-ju say intently over a collage of images of the Korean countryside and pictures of her and Min-hee.

We then see some fluid shots of ballerina dancing, followed by a stark tableau of a blood-splattered Ok-Ju, standing menacingly over a dead body. “I’m only going to ask once,” she says coldly. Where is that bastard?”

Fleeting moments of combat allude to a thrilling hybrid of thriller and action, with Ballerina poised to give audiences some heart-stopping fight sequences. With the suspense-laden story of The Call, director Chung-hyun’s previous film, we’re undoubtedly in capable hands – and fully believe Ok-ju when she promises her unseen target that she’ll “hunt you all the way to hell.”

Acclaimed South Korean rapper and producer Lee Seong-hwa, also known as Gray, provides the soundtrack. Ballerina also has Jong-seo’s fellow castmate Kim Ji-hoon from the hugely popular Korean spin-off of Money Heist and Miraculous Brothers actress Park Yu-rim.

Ballerina will play on October 6th at the 28th Busan International Film Festival, which runs from October 4th – 13th at the Busan Cinema Center, and debut on Netflix the same day. Watch the trailer below.