Watch the most underrated sci-fi thriller on Netflix now
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch the most underrated sci-fi thriller on Netflix now

Netflix has a wide variety of sci-fi films in-store that appeal to the sensibility of sci-fi fans. From films like Gravity and Edge of Tomorrow to their mystery sci-fi show Stranger Things that helped resuscitate the genre and restore it to its former glory.

The streaming service’s tryst with science-fiction has always been pretty successful. However, there is one such underrated sci-fi thriller on Netflix that requires your immediate attention. 

Created by indie directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the 2019 film Synchronic stars Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan in lead roles, as best friends Steve and Dennis. 

Living in New Orleans, these two paramedics find themselves in the middle of a bizarre misadventure as an eponymous designer drug called ‘Synchronic’ with strange, alien effects begin to ravage lives and alter minds.

This dark and twisted sci-fi thriller brings in the trope of a buddy movie with an interesting premise that is initially muddled and annoying but slowly begins to make complete sense. 

The intriguing premise begins when the duo stumbles upon their first discovery. They enter a house where they witness a shocking and gruesome death.

After a series of incoherent and mind-boggling narrative progression, Steve, who has terminal cancer, takes the drug himself to discover its temporal effect. His journey into the strange unknown is overshadowed by the imminent threat of murder that looms large over his head. 

Mackie is brilliant in his delivery of deadpan humour as Steve, a  jaded playboy. Dornan, too, plays his part fairly decently. However, it is the overall slow yet gripping premise that makes it so refreshing. 

An underrated indie flick with a debatable ending, Synchronic deserves your attention today!