Do not miss out on this new French Netflix sci-fi thriller
(Credit: Netflix)


Do not miss out on this new French Netflix sci-fi thriller

Despite what Martin Scorsese or Christopher Nolan says about superhero flicks, DC and Marvel films still reign supreme, drawing big numbers to the film theatres.

Although Hollywood maintained the lead in the sci-fi genre, other film industries from South Korea, Germany and China are gradually trying to catch up with films like Psychokinesis, Freaks: You’re One of Us and The Wandering Earth, among others.

The new sci-fi thriller on Netflix is the 2020 French film, How I Became A Superhero, an allegorical superhero narrative mixed with the thriller genre. 

Written and directed by Douglas Attal, How I Became a Superhero is garnering a lot of interest among subscribers due to its extremely riveting premise. It is a perfect blend of the noir and the sci-fi genres and is set in a world where superheroes co-exist with mere mortals. 

A candy aficionado, Gary Moreau is a Parisian detective who is investigating a mystery that involves various flamethrowing attacks. He is joined by a partner he does not particularly like and has to deal with the stress of his workplace matters alongside a cranky roommate. 

Soon, they discover that the flamethrowing attacks are a result of a new drug that infuses one’s body with superpowers for a certain period. Along with Moreau, his roommate, the old and retired Monte Carlo start tailing the flamethrowing hero.

However, the flamethrower is discovered dead. He is killed in a grisly manner which thickens the plot mystery. Other superheroes join forces with Moreau to track down the sinister conspirators who are trying to sell superpowers for their own benefit. 

A great and thrilling premise also comprises a lot of introspection and redemption on the part of Monte Carlo. 

Given how dominant Marvel and DC are on the superhero front, it is interesting to see the international markets try and break into the genre with a more humane and realistic twist.

With nuanced storytelling, the film is distinctly French and worth a watch!