Watch the most underrated romantic-comedy on Netflix now
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch the most underrated romantic-comedy on Netflix now

With its wide variety of content, Netflix still keeps to some traditions and has a burgeoning cornucopia of romantic-comedies on its shelves. From popular classics like Sleepless in Seattle, Love & Other Drugs, One Day and more to new Originals like To All The Boys I Loved Before, The Holidate, Kissing Booth and more, the streaming service indeed has plenty of options. 

The streaming service’s affair with romantic comedies has always been pretty successful given the popular franchises it has managed to sprout. Winter is the season of love and warmth, and it is time for you to watch an underrated rom-com film on Netflix that requires your immediate attention. 

Written and directed by Jennifer Kaylin Robinson, the 2019 American rom-com film Someone Great stars Gina Rodriguez, Lakeith Stanfield, Peter Vack, Brittany Snow, and DeWanda Wise are in prominent roles. 

A poignant tale of love, loss, heartache and healing, the film was cited by Taylor Swift to have served as an inspiration for her gut-wrenching breakup song ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’ from her 2019 album Lover

Rodriguez plays Jenny Young, a music journalist from New York City, who is left miserable and heartbroken after her boyfriend of nine years, Stanfield’s Nate, dumps her. In order to cheer Jenny up and get their lives together, two of her girlfriends Erin and Blair, who are nursing individual heartaches of their own, decide to go for one last adventure before Jenny leaves.

A heartfelt and amusing exploration of love, friendship and youth, the story is a beautiful rendition of the nuances of adulthood. After Sex and the City set the standards high for the depiction of female friendship, Someone Great takes it further by making it relatable, touching and accessible. 

The act of loving someone and letting them go takes the centre-ground in this slow-burn rom-com that will most likely warm your hopeless romantic hearts. 

Watch Someone Great on Netflix now!