Watch the ‘Locke and Key’ cast to find out which character they really are
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Watch the 'Locke and Key' cast to find out which character they really are

In this fun little short video, the original cast of Locke and Key do a BuzzFeed quiz to see which character they resonate with the most. Actors who showed up for this fun little experiment include Connor Jessup, also known as Tyler Locke, Griffin Gluck or popularly known as Gabe from the show, Darby Stanchfield, playing Nina Locke, and finally, Hallea Jones, who plays Eden Hawkins in the series. 

The last season of this beloved series came out earlier this month on August 10th. The plot for this season has seen some rather intense moments. However, the show did choose to resolve their previous plot conflicts. Critics suggest that this was a rather little creatively rushed project. This fantasy horror show is of a rather serious genre with tense and thrilling narratives.

This supernatural horror follows the story of the murder of the father of three siblings, who then moved into a house filled with hidden keys with their mother. These keys are capable of bending reality, unlocking special powers and unravelling dark secrets. The story that builds the on-set drama is based on a graphic novel by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodiguez. 

For both the pilot and the second season, the show had achieved a considerable amount of promise in the eyes of the audience from both viewers and critics alike. The season two cliffhanger kept the viewers on their toes, waiting for the next one to find answers to all the questions that had been left unresolved.

Although the final season did not match up to the expectations of the viewers, the characters continue to catch attention alongside the great production value. With breathtaking visuals which give off both aesthetically pleasing and dark vibes- particularly the expansive interiors of the Locke house. “It definitely fits the bill for a whimsical fantasy country house you find in storybooks.”

While the fans have to view their favourite stars always in a dark and rather eerie setting, thanks to youtube and Buzzfeed, we do get a chance to get to know them in person beyond their characters. Would you have guessed Hallea and Darby to end up as the same character- or have you ever wondered who Griffin really is from the show? Well, you are in luck. Besides the reviews for season 3, we can rest assured that the cast grew a strong friendship and chemistry on and off screen while creating this visually pleasing series.