Watch the ‘All Of us Are Dead’ kiss that required 17 takes
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the ‘All Of us Are Dead’ kiss that required 17 takes

Actors Lomon and Cho Yi-hyun have finally opened up about their kiss scene in Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead. Likely to feature as part of numerous teen choice award shows, the kiss actually required nearly 17 takes to achieve perfection. 

In a new commentary clip released by Netflix Korea, the cast and crew members of the zombie high school K-Drama series had a hearty chat about the characters and scenes from the drama, which included the infamous kiss scene as well. 

Lomon, who played Su-hyeok, has a crush on the quiet, social outcast class president, Nam-ra, played by Cho. Although he thinks she is out of his league, they share a kiss at the brink of the apocalypse while they sit together to find out if Nam-ra does indeed undergo zombification. 

Cho opened up about how they struggled to film the scene properly because of her inability to find his lips with her eyes closed. While she apparently kept apologising and requesting one more time, the actor allegedly said, “Personally, I’m happy to keep going.” This made the rest of the cast crack up. 

Lomon opened up about his anxieties before pulling off the kiss scene. Although he was “nervous”, after the kiss scene, he has proudly proclaimed the one to be his “favourite” in the entire drama. 

The director Lee Jae-gyu did not hold back from teasing the flustered actor, saying, “Even now, Lomon can’t stop smiling. He looks so happy watching [this scene].”

Adapted from Joo Dong-geun’s 130-episode South Korean webtoon, Now At Our School, the apocalyptic series is based in Hyosan High School where a mysterious virus causes a rapid zombie outbreak, alienating a group of high schoolers from the outside world with hordes of ravenous zombies threatening to attack them. 

Amidst growing tension, anxiety, friendship, love and betrayal, they must struggle to survive this unimaginable chaos. The series also touches upon important aspects of bullying, sexual assault, suicide, revenge porn, peer and academic pressure and other issues that plague modern-day society.

Starring Park Solomon, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, Park Ji-hoo, Kim Byung-chul, Yoo In-soo and others, the 12-episode series is gory and gruesome while being equally moving and heartbreaking.