‘All of Us Are Dead’ director talks about the show’s success
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘All of Us Are Dead’ director talks about the show’s success

Netflix has begun investing way more in Korean content to keep up with their competitors and to capitalise on the current global inclination towards Korean films and shows. Based on a popular webtoon by Joo Dong-geun, the newest Netflix K-Original series by Lee Jae-gyu, All of Us Are Dead has been immensely successful ever since its release on January 28th, 2022. 

Based on a terrifying premise involving survival, a group of high-schoolers are stuck in the Hyosan High School when a deadly virus overtakes their province and turns the infected into deadly, ravenous zombies. Amidst burgeoning teen romance, angst, anxiety, friendship and betrayal, the group must stick together to defy all odds and survive this chaotic situation.  

Starring Yoon Chang Young, Lomon, Cho Yi Hyun and Park Ji Hu in lead roles, the show has begun dominating Netflix charts, reaching the first spot in 25 countries across the world. Just like its predecessors, Squid Game, Arcane and Hellbound, the show has managed to dominate global charts. 

The show also has a 100 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has been very well-received by the audience who have enjoyed how the creator has used the timeless zombie sub-genre of horror, effectively to relay important messages regarding academic pressure, bullying, suicide, revenge porn and class divide- themes and issues that are prevalent in Korean society and continue to plague teens. 

The creator, Lee Jae-gyu is admittedly overwhelmed by the response and is “thankful” for “all the love it has received from so many countries around the world.”

With Lee remaining quite faithful to the original webtoon, he had however spoken about how “ the show is different from the original as far as the specific situations that happen to some of the kids as well as what each of the characters are like.”

Making the characters relatable, the filmmaker explained why the show received a mature 18+ rating. He said,  “There are cruel and violent scenes but we thought these would be necessary in order to stay true to the zombie genre.”

The director has also been applauded for introducing relatively unknown cast members and giving them a platform to express their talents. He concluded, “If you watch the show, I believe that you’ll find yourself falling more and more in love with both the characters and the actors who play them. It’s a testament to the appeal that each character has.”

All Of Us Are Dead is now streaming on Netflix.