Watch Ricky Gervais and the ‘After Life’ cast in a host of hilarious outtakes
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Watch Ricky Gervais and the 'After Life' cast in a host of hilarious outtakes

Ricky Gervais may well have found fame as the cringe-inducing David Brent of The Office, a show he co-wrote with Stephen merchant, but the star has spent much of his time since then perfecting his stand-up routine. Not content to spend all his time under the glare of the spotlight, Gervias soon turned his attention back to television and delivered a hit series for Netflix, the beautiful After Life.

The series follows Tony, a journalist at a local newspaper, who struggles to come to terms with life after the death of his wife. It is, without doubt, some of Gervais’ most heartfelt and supremely touching work. The series is designed to play on all of our emotions, a mixture of high-volume laughs and burbling weeping.

The show has quickly become some of Gervais’ most revered work and consistently tops the Netflix charts upon its release. With season three soon to arrive, we thought it was a good time to reflect on the less severe side of season two.

Of course, the show is undoubtedly a more serious affair than his other work with The Office and Extras and further developed the sentimental side Gervais showed din Derek. However, that doesn’t mean that Gervais’ animated character, and laugh, doesn’t come to the fore when shooting begins.

Known for never really being able to contain his iconic laugh, Gervais is at his naughtiest in the clip below — a series of outtakes from the making of After Life season two.

If you’re a fan of watching actors ‘corpse’ — breaking down in laughter before one can get out their lines — then you’re in luck: Ricky Gervais is widely known as one of Hollywood’s stiffest bodies.

Watch Ricky Gervais and the rest of the After Life cast in a series of hilarious outtakes from season two.