Ricky Gervais confirms season three of ‘After Life’ will start filming
(Credit: Netflix)

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Ricky Gervais confirms season three of ‘After Life’ will start filming

Ricky Gervais has confirmed that filming on his hit sitcom, After Life, is set to start today. The star looks ready to dust off his curmudgeonly character for the return of the Netflix show which fans have eagerly awaited.

The comedian took to Twitter to share the news by sending out a picture with the season three script held triumphantly aloft with the caption: “I’d better learn my lines.”

The show first aired in 2019 and saw Rick Gervais take on the subject of grief with a considered brush of comedy as he took on the role of Tony, a recently bereaved husband at ends with the world. The first two series have been met with acclaim and a growing cult following.

In an interview with GQ Hype earlier this year the comedian highlighted a few details regarding the forthcoming series which he also writes and directs, stating, “Yeah, this is the first time I want to do a third series of anything I’ve ever done,” he admitted.

“The world’s too rich. I don’t have to go over old ground. There’s ten characters [in After Life] who could be the lead in something.

“The first [series] was establishing a central character going through the world almost as if it’s a videogame. Now there’s lots of ‘meanwhiles.’”

You can catch the hilarious outtake reel for season two, below.