Watch Penn Badgley grant a fan’s wish as Joe Goldberg
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch Penn Badgley grant a fan’s wish as Joe Goldberg

Netflix’s seminal series You has amassed massive popularity owing to its beloved psychotic protagonist Joe Goldberg whose eerie stares, inner monologues and invasive observational skills has elevated him to the stature of a pop-cultural icon. 

The series focuses on the escapades of Joe who is haunted by his traumatic past and finds an unhealthy outlet in obsessing over random women. His stalker skills are accentuated by his saviour complex and the desire to possess the women he takes a liking to. 

In the first season, Joe comes across as a friendly bookstore owner who hides beneath his happy-go-lucky facade, ominous thoughts and sinister desires. The second season sees Joe find his “perfect match” in Love Quinn- played by Victoria Pedretti- an equally deranged and obsessive woman. 

In the third season, their tumultuous marriage hits rock bottom as they are caught in a web of lies, deceit, infidelity, violence and murder. 

Penn Badgley reportedly hates his character and fails to understand the hype around Goldberg. It is quite interesting to see how many people gush over Joe despite his terrifying personality.

His knack for stalking women, stealing underwear, disposing of corpses and restoring old books is definitely quite the bizarre combination and somehow manages to attract the attention of fans all over the world, especially women. 

In a recently surfaced TikTok, Badgley can be seen complying with a fan request as he lends his voice to her TikTok video as she goes around rummaging through manga in a bookstore. 

He comments on the kind of books she picks out for herself, trying to gauge her personality. The stream of consciousness mirrors Goldberg’s impromptu monologue in the first season as he observes Beck browse through the various books in the bookstore.

Badgley’s voice is spine-chilling, an octave lower than usual and pretty terrifying. 

Watch the video below: