‘You’ star Penn Badgley says that Joe and Love are “perfect for each other”
(Credit: Netflix)


'You' star Penn Badgley says that Joe and Love are “perfect for each other”

Netflix released the third season of You on 15th October 2021, and fans have been hooked to the series ever since, as they watch the psychotic Joe Goldberg attempt to raise a baby boy named Henry. He’s not alone, accompanied by his murderous wife and arch-nemesis Love Quinn; the duo begins life in a posh suburb called Madre Linde while Joe grows increasingly fascinated with other women.

In season two, Joe believed Love to be his ultimate soulmate. Portrayed by Victoria Pedretti, Love’s psychotic tendencies matched Penn Badgley’s Joe. 

Badgley, a Gossip Girl alumnus, who otherwise despises his character, always thought that the duo were “perfect for each other”. Considering their murderous habits, it’s no wonder Badgely said: “I feel like yes, they are perfect for each other. I think they were as compatible as they would ever find.”

Pedretti echoed the sentiments of her co-star and defended them as being “soulmates”. She said, “I think that they’re uniquely capable of fulfilling each other’s weaknesses, and their strengths are really there to support and uphold each other.”

However, she did not discount the various traumatic experiences in their individual lives that trigger their inner murderous instincts. She spoke about how they would need to be “vulnerable and open themselves up to each other, to maybe take some time apart to really work on themselves and their own trauma and loving themselves” to build “a real relationship.” 

However, that does not happen despite their compatibility as they are caught in the bubble of jealousy, manipulation, possessiveness and bloodlust despite trying to change themselves. 

This was supported by the showrunner Sera Gamble, who spoke out about how their dynamic was not the “realistic” template for any relationship to work and function in a healthy environment. While Gable does not want to go so far as to call them soulmates as the word is, in her opinion, way too “romanticised”, she definitely believed Goldberg and Quinn to be “well-matched” in all their follies and flaws. 

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