Watch the new trailer for action movie ‘The Interceptor’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the new trailer for action movie 'The Interceptor'

Netflix has released the trailer for the new action movie The Interceptor in the midst of the company cutting production costs for new projects.

Starring Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey, Aaron Glenane and Mayen Mehta, the action-thriller tells the story of an Army captain who must use her decades of training and expertise to defend against coordinated attacks against the missile interceptor station she is the commander of.

Helmed by the first-time writer and director Matthew Reilly, with a script co-written by the same mind behind Collateral, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and 30 Days of Night, Stuart Beattie, it’s hard to predict how exactly this brand new film will go down. 

With vibes of both the Bruce Willis classic Die Hard, as well as the Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage movie The Rock, we hope this brand new film can reach the greatness of these influential genre icons. 

“As those people who have read my novels know, I love telling big action stories that are told at a frenetic pace,” debut filmmaker Matthew Reilly said in a statement. “I wanted to bring that kind of rocket-fast, relentless, high-stakes storytelling to film, and so Interceptor was born. Elsa is just perfect as our lead: a strong, independent and determined woman who, in the face of overwhelming odds, just refuses to give up,” he added.

Interceptor will be released on Netflix on June 3rd where it will compete with only Bergman Island and Dashcam in the UK release schedule.