Netflix users are weirded out by this awful Nicolas Cage film
(Credit: Nicolas Genin)


Netflix users are weirded out by this awful Nicolas Cage film

For generations, film buffs have wondered whether Nicolas Cage is indeed a brilliant actor and misunderstood genius or a simple and hilarious provocateur. Among his various films streaming on Netflix, the latest release, touted as one of his most awful films, has taken Netflix by storm and is weirding out viewers. 

Released in 2020, Cage starred in Dimitri Logothetis’ sci-fi martial arts flick, Jiu Jitsu, that also saw Alain Moussi, Frank Grillo, JuJu Chan and Tony Jaa in prominent roles. An absolute box office failure, the film was heavily criticised. 

Based on an eponymous comic, the film saw Cage as a master Jiu-Jitsu warrior, Wylie, who rescues another fighter named Jake Barnes whose refusal to fight a vicious alien forces humanity to the brink of destruction. Wylie trains a high-order band of warriors while helping Jake regain his memory and strength to defeat the indomitable force in an epic battle to save humankind. 

Having worked with acclaimed directors like Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone and others, Cage is well-known for films like Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation, Matchstick Men, National Treasure and Ghost Rider. Known for his enthusiasm and charm, Cage has often talked about how he must explain his oeuvre in a book.

However, this film seems to flush years of good work down the drain. Once seen as a master of action, having enacted in several action classics, Cage is indeed terrible in the film, adding to his meme-worthy nature.

With weak writing and storyline and bad visual effects, the film is awful and a complete disaster. Netflix viewers said that the film was “so bad” that it seemed “good” to them. 

From people calling it “stupid fun” to others expressing how weirded out they are by the awkward and bizarre inclusion of sci-fi elements, the film is indeed one of Cage’s best of the worst. 

Fans of this mindless entertainer be warned, Logothetis is supposedly working on a sequel that will most likely released in 2022 or later and will star most of the cast while Cage appears in flashbacks. 

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