Watch Netflix’s trailer for SpaceX’s ‘Inspiration4’ documentary

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Watch Netflix’s trailer for SpaceX’s 'Inspiration4' documentary

Elon Musk wanted to make science fiction a reality and started SpaceX’s mission to help civilians get to Mars. Mankind will be taking a giant leap of faith as the first-ever all-civilian flight to space Inspiration4 takes off this month. Netflix will be closely documenting the whole process and released the trailer for the same. 

Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space will document the historic mission across four episodes. Directed by Jason Hehir, known for his extraordinary work on Michael Jordan’s ESPN documentary The Last Dance, the series will stream in five individual parts. 

The first two episodes, titled ‘The Mission Begins’, will premiere on September 6th, followed by the third and fourth, ‘Prepare For Launch’, on September 13th. Furthermore, the live launch will premiere on Netflix’s YouTube channel on September 15th. Finally, the fifth episode, titled ‘The Return Home’, will stream on September 30th. 

The trailer looks extremely promising as it highlights the intense and vigorous training the ragtag crew has undertaken and how ecstatic they are to feature on such a groundbreaking mission. If all goes well, we might be vacationing in space pretty soon. 

The crew comprises the billionaire Jared Isaacman who is also the commander of the ship. Joining him is 29-year-old cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux, Dr. Sian Proctor, who is excited to be the fourth Black woman to go to space and Air Force veteran Chris Sembrski. 

Following the documentary is upcoming Netflix’s animated featureA StoryBots Space Adventure, where the crew members will interact and answer questions asked by children regarding the mission. 

Watch the trailer below.