Watch bloopers from behind the scenes of ‘The Man From Toronto’
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch bloopers from behind the scenes of 'The Man From Toronto'

Netflix is still capable of churning out the kind of films that its audience wants to see. The Man From Toronto is unlikely to be remembered as anything other than an irreverent action movie, but it still possesses a degree of charm that is hard to ignore. Starring Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart, the movie is brimming with charisma, and apparently, that wasn’t only reserved for what was caught on film.

Below, we’re looking back at some hilarious behind-the-scenes footage from the blooper reel of The Man From Toronto, as Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson can barely contain their laughter.

Directed by The Expendables 3 filmmaker Patrick Hughes, this $75 million action film is filled with heart, humour and action infused within a gripping premise. With Hart and Harrelson on board, the film promised truckloads of heart, humour and action within a gripping premise.

While Hart has signed a four-picture deal with Netflix and will be seen alongside Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming film Me Time, fans are excited to witness his chemistry with the witty and gritty Harrelson.

The film tackles a classic case of mistaken assassins where Harrelson is the well-known titular assassin and Hart, a regular New Yorker. When their identities get mixed up in a rented Airbnb, they end up in an epic mess and attempt to survive the catastrophe while having a hard time getting used to each other.

The rest of the cast includes Kaley Cuoco, Lela Loren, Jencarlos Canela, Tomohisa Yamashita, Pierson Fode, Jasmine Matthews and Ellen Barkin among others. All of whom feature in this hilarious reel of bloopers from their time on set.

Watch bloopers from behind the scenes of ‘The Man From Toronto’ below.