‘The Man From Toronto’ actors apologise for mispronunciation
(Credit: Netflix)

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'The Man From Toronto' actors apologise for mispronunciation

Starring Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart, the new Netflix Original film The Man From Toronto recently premiered on the streamer. While the film met with divisive reception, the actors were called out for mispronunciation and were quick to apologise.

Directed by The Expendables 3 filmmaker Patrick Hughes, this $75 million action film is filled with heart, humour and action infused within a gripping premise.

The film tackles a classic case of mistaken assassins where Harrelson is the well-known titular assassin and Hart, a regular New Yorker. When their identities get mixed up in a rented Airbnb, they end up in an epic mess and attempt to survive the catastrophe while having a hard time getting used to each other.

The rest of the cast includes Kaley Cuoco, Lela Loren, Jencarlos Canela, Tomohisa Yamashita, Pierson Fode, Jasmine Matthews and Ellen Barkin among others. However, the characters have received severe backlash from people in Toronto who have called them “impostors” and called them out for mispronouncing ‘Toronto’.

While Toronto is meant to be pronounced as “tron-oh”, the characters pronounced it as “toh-ron-toe”, which left viewers pretty miffed. Many of them were baffled by Harrelson’s mispronunciation since his character is supposedly from Toronto.

“You gotta remember, I’m not from Toronto,” said Kevin Hart. “If you’re from Toronto, of course, you have an understanding of how it’s supposed to be said.”

Woody Harrelson was pretty apologetic. He said, “Any time it’s mispronounced to Torontonians, we apologise.”

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