Watch 3 of Millie Bobby Brown’s favourite films on Netflix now
(Credit: Millie Bobby Brown Instagram)


Watch 3 of Millie Bobby Brown’s favourite films on Netflix now

Turning 18 this year, Millie Bobby Brown already has innumerable feathers adorning her crown. An incredibly talented actress, Brown has become a massive sensation, bagging Netflix deals and other film projects while also becoming a UNICEF ambassador and the youngest person to feature on Time’s 100 most influential people in the world. 

She is a glaring inspiration to young girls worldwide. Brown’s mercurial talent is palpable via her effortless ability to adapt to any role she receives. These range from her playing the bald child with telekinetic powers in Netflix’s Stranger Things to being a sister of a world-famous detective with an innate investigative eye, as seen in Enola Holmes

Having made her acting debut at the age of nine in ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and later seen in Intruders, Brown got her big break in 2016 when she bagged the role of Eleven in Stranger Things. The call from the Duffer brothers changed the course of her career. It catapulted her into instant stardom as she showed off her talent via icy cold stares, fierceness and power. 

Praised by one and all, her on-screen father on the show, David Harbour has even claimed that she has the potential to become Meryl Streep. With various modelling assignments, awards and accolades in the pipeline, besides other film projects, Brown continues to be an extremely influential figure in the new generation of Hollywood

Brown will soon appear in Stranger Things season 4, which released its premiere dates yesterday. 

However, a self-proclaimed film buff, Brown has not watched some of the most-coveted film franchises, including Harry Potter. She took to Instagram to share some of her all-time favourite films, some of which are streaming on Netflix. 

From the looks of the list that contains The Notebook and Someone Great besides E.T. and The Incredibles, Brown enjoys a variety of films across many genres, especially rom-coms and animated family flicks. While films like Room or Up are not available on Netflix for streaming, some of her other favourite films can be streamed now.

Here are the three Millie Bobby Brown film picks that are streaming on Netflix: 

Millie Bobby Brown’s 3 favourite films streaming on Netflix now

  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Susan Johnson, 2018)
  • Someone Great (Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, 2019) 
  • The Notebook (Nick Cassavetes, 2004)