‘Warrior Nun’ fans are asking Netflix to “correct” their mistake
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Warrior Nun' fans are asking Netflix to "correct" their mistake

Fans of the recently cancelled Netflix show Warrior Nun have taken to Twitter to vent their anger at the show’s cancellation. The series was set for the chop in 2022, but fans have now taken to the social media platform asking Netflix to “correct” their mistake of axing the show.

The hashtag “NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE” has been trending on Twitter for the last few hours, with thousands of tweets all asking the streaming platform for one thing: to reinstate the much-loved series Warrior Nun.

A month after series creator and showrunner Simon Barry confirmed that the show, starring Alba Baptista, would not be returning for its third season, fans have jumped onto social media to make their point loud and clear.

The extra pressure comes as the streaming platform faces renewed criticism over its decision to axe series before they truly hit their stride. In 2023 alone, perceived hits like the magical 1899, adult animation Inside Job, and Neil Patrick Harris hit Uncoupled have all been unceremoniously removed from their roster.

Show creator, Simon Barry, has even joined in on the campaigning for the series to be given a reprieve, using Marvel gifs to show he is “still in the fight” to save the series.

Watch Warrior Nun on Netflix now, and perhaps join the fight!