Visit the real-life locations of ‘Queen Charlotte’
Credit: Netflix


Visit the real-life locations of 'Queen Charlotte'

More than the steamy romances and storylines, Bridgerton might be a draw for you because of the stunning filming locations. The same goes for the locations of the series spin-off Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, which begins about 50 years before the events of Bridgerton season one. The opulence of it all can transport you right back to the days of Regency-era London, hopefully, the same anachronistic one where people of colour can roam free and make use of good plumbing too.

The ​​carefully selected locations help bring the story to life, immersing viewers in a visually captivating world of romance, scandal, and aristocratic splendour. Iconic landmarks such as Bath’s historic Assembly Rooms, provide a grand backdrop for the characters’ social events. The opulent interiors of Wilton House in Wiltshire serve as the lavish Bridgerton family residence, while the picturesque Castle Howard in North Yorkshire stands as the magnificent Featherington home.

Of course, Queen Charlotte gets to discover newer castles, manors, and more. Actor Freddie Dennis (who plays Reynolds, the King’s secretary), told Tudum. “I just feel so grateful that this is my life,” after he found himself in a scene “dancing on the grounds of one of Britain’s greatest stately homes.”

Sometimes singular locations on the show are multiple real locations combined into one. Blenheim Palace, the notable birthplace of Winston Churchill, takes on the role of Buckingham House, later known as Buckingham Palace, in Bridgerton’s portrayal of Queen Charlotte’s residence. The series also features interior scenes filmed in two esteemed historic houses associated with the Tudor monarchs: Hampton Court Palace and Hatfield House, previously featured in notable productions like The Favourite and the Jonas Brothers’ ‘Sucker’ music video. The captivating garden scenes unfold in the picturesque surroundings of Lincolnshire’s Belton House, adding to the visual splendour of the show’s exquisite filming locations. 

While some of the locations are mostly closed to the public, you can visit quite a few of them. Kew Palace’s exterior is not what it appears to be. The stunning Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire serves as the substitute, with its botanical gardens, conservatory, and field doubling as the picturesque setting of Kew Palace. Interestingly, you can actually visit this location and even stay there overnight in a Grade II boutique hotel.

The ‘Queen Charlotte’ filming locations you can visit:

  1. Blenheim Palace
  2. Belton House
  3. Waddesdon Manor
  4. Merton College
  5. Hampton Court Palace
  6. Dorney Court
  7. Badminton Estate
  8. Bath Assembly Rooms
  9. The Royal Borough’s Queen’s House
  10. Hackney Empire