‘Virgin River’ season 5 part one ending explained
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‘Virgin River’ season 5 part one ending explained

Virgin River fans have been on an emotional rollercoaster with the latest instalment of the sleeper hit romance show. Season five, which has just released its first ten episodes, is teeming with capital-D drama, unexpected twists, and new mysteries. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The season kicks off with the town of Virgin River grappling with a massive wildfire and Charmaine’s baby daddy being revealed. Brady and Mike join forces to tackle Melissa’s drug trade, weaving a complex web of plotlines. However, Mel’s character undergoes the most significant development, including the heart-wrenching loss of her baby.

As the season progresses, Mel and Jack decide to purchase Lilly’s farm to start a family again. The episode concludes with a holiday season time jump. While decorating their cabin, Mel receives a call from her sister Joey, setting the stage for an intriguing revelation.

Joey has unearthed love letters exchanged between their mother and a man from Virgin River, suggesting that this man could be Mel’s biological father. This revelation leaves fans wondering about Mel’s true parentage and its potential implications for her character’s future.

The question of who Mel’s birth father is remains unanswered in part one of season five. Speculation runs rampant among fans, with some suggesting that Doc, who is eyeing an early retirement, a beloved character in the series, might be the one.

However, the series has previously given Doc the whole ‘relatives he knew nothing about’ storyline. He discovered he had a child and grandchild he knew nothing about earlier. The final two episodes of season five may provide some answers.

Brie chooses to date Mike over Brady. Kaia also returns to Virgin River to be closer to the Preacher, which upsets Jay. Ava decides to go ahead with the hysterectomy but tells Mel that she will be freezing some of her eggs just in case. Muriel and Cameron make their relationship official. Denny asks Lizzie to travel with him after the carnival she organised with Hope is a big success. It is hinted that Lizzie might be pregnant.

Season six of Virgin River is already confirmed and is supposed to be in development. So, the Virgin River saga will continue to creep into viewers’ TV screens for at least one more season.

The final two holiday-themed episodes of Virgin River season five will be released on Netflix on November 30th, 2023.