The unusual filming locations of Netflix hit ‘The Strays’
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The unusual filming locations of Netflix hit 'The Strays'

Netflix’s brand-new psychological thriller, The Strays, which takes place in a quaint suburban town, was filmed in the rather unusual location of Lavenham, Suffolk, with the production team hoping to capture an “other-worldly look”.

Telling the story of Neve (Ashley Madekwe), a woman who has curated a privileged life in her quaint suburban town, Netflix’s latest movie takes a turn when two strangers turn up in the community and begin to unravel a disturbing truth. Written and directed by Nathaniel Martello-White, the movie features a largely unknown cast that includes the likes of Jorden Myrie, Justin Salinger and Rob Jarvis. 

Speaking to BBC, Jim Horsfield from Screen Suffolk stated that there is “a fantastic range of beautiful villages in Suffolk,” with the production team going for Lavenham due to its “other-worldly look”. It’s not the first time that the location has been used for movie productions either, with the village being used for the iconic 1968 folk horror movie Witchfinder General and a John Lennon and Yoko Ono short film named Apotheosis

As well as Lavenham, the second Suffolk-based village used for The Strays was Kersey, located just eight miles away. Kersey was used as the primary location for the BritBox series Magpie Murders, starring Lesley Manville, Matthew Beard, Tim McMullan, Claire Rushbrook and Harry Lawtey. 

Whilst The Strays has currently failed to garner much critical and commercial attention, the movie is a promising vehicle for the future success of directorial debutant Nathaniel Martello-White. The London-based filmmaker is known for starring in such movies as Anthony Hemingway’s Red Tails, the powerful Steve McQueen series Small Axe and the fan-favourite Channel 4 comedy Misfits.

Take a look at the trailer for The Strays below and delve into a world of mystery and psychological terror, filmed in the unlikely location of Suffolk.