The five best British shows on Netflix
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The five best British shows on Netflix

One thing that changed the face of TV shows and cinema with the advent of streaming technology is the increased accessibility of content across the globe. People worldwide can watch niche and regional content to gain insight and celebrate differences.

Both when it comes to the art of producing and the spread of culture. British shows have been a national favourite when it comes to providing entertainment. And Netflix is here to serve some of the best-made British shows all in one platform.

Apart from some of the classic shows like Downtown Abbey, Bridgerton, The Great British Baking Show, and of course, a fan-favourite Sex Education, there are several shows that are equally as impressive and more. Best of Netflix has taken the task of jotting down, particularly British shows that have exceeded all expectations when it comes to the production or the plot. 

The aim is to focus on the diversity in content within the same industry and how much television has travelled far from where it had begun. Let me remind you how the practice of art makes itself out to be a collective memory of society. So without any more delay, let us dive right in! 

Five best British shows on Netflix

5. Bodyguard 

This British political drama starring Richard Madden is created and written by Jed Mercurio and produced by the ITV studios. What intrigued several viewers of this six-part series is the careful use of the camera to tackle audience perception in a very smart way. All the thoughtful and thorough camera work is used to portray how real-time has an impact on the lives of the characters. The story revolves around protagonist war veteran David Budd (Richard Madden), who finds a job as a police sergeant in London with the Metropolitan Police Service. 

The soldier who once fought in the war in Afghanistan has been given the assignment to keep the Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) safe. Montague is a rising star in the realm of politics and what goes on after the assignment was given to the veteran is something for you to discover! 

Catch Bodyguard currently streaming on Netflix right here. Watch the trailer here!

4. Criminal UK 

Probably a chain of the most brilliantly thought-out series within the horizons of contemporary television. The entirety of the show takes place within the police interview suite itself. This piece of content is bound to keep you navigating through the edge of your seats throughout. The whole premise is based on police officers interviewing various criminals who are sitting across them in a confined space. With mind tricks in the psychological war upfront, who gets the upper hand? 

The camera focuses on the interviewees with such depth that viewers almost feel like they are living, breathing members within the confined space.  The producers capitalised and cherished the rule of ‘less is more’ and produced a show so dark yet beautiful with its unique crooked ways. 

Catch Criminal UK currently streaming on Netflix right here. Watch the trailer here!

3. Black Mirror 

Created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror is initially a part of the Channel 4 (UK) network before it landed on the shelves on Netflix. This marvel of a show has brilliantly written episodes all revolving around the intrusive nature of technology. What technology has already done to mankind and potentially where it could be led. Questions such as these are explored in depth within the show. 

Black Mirror is an appropriate title as the show captures the very presence of one everywhere and all around. The creator elaborated, “The black mirror of the title is the one you’ll find on every wall, on every desk, in the palm of every hand: the cold, shiny screen of a TV, a monitor, a smartphone.” With a new story every episode, this show expands through how technology has turned out to be an introduction to a dystopian world. Human beings are rather implicit creatures, who are wholly consumed by everything that glitters. This is the kind of horror that raises real questions within the structure of society and rapid digitalisation. 

Catch Black Mirror, currently streaming on Netflix right here. Watch the trailer here!

2. Peaky Blinders 

An original BBC network-produced show, Peaky Blinders is a drama series starring some of the time’s favourite actors including Cillian Murphy, Sam Claflin, and Tom Hardy. Set in 1919 in the city of Birmingham, Murphy leads the Shleby family on the crime front. His organisation is known for their criminal activities on all fronts. 

That is when Neil, a relentless inspector makes it his life goal to get a hold of this notorious group. That is also when he appoints a mole to help him reach his goal of dismantling the Peaky Blinders. Giving out any more of the detailers would be a crime for the viewers who are yet to watch this iconic period drama! 

Catch Peaky Blinders, currently streaming on Netflix right here. Watch the trailer here!

1. The Crown 

Created by Peter Morgan and produced by Netflix, The Crown is the only show worth going on top of this and many other lists when it comes to best series out there. With an enormous amount invested to build every episode with visual authenticity, the show is one of a kind. An equally magnificent audiovisual appeal comes from the breathtaking and lifelike performances of almost every artist blessing the screens of this show. 

The show began revolving around the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Since then, it has covered all the monumental moments throughout the monarch’s life. A visual pleasure that covers the intricacies of politics in all realms filled with brilliant actors. If you want to know more about the latest season of The Crown you can find all about it here. A definite must-watch! 

Catch The Crown, currently streaming on Netflix right here. Watch the trailer here!