‘Uncoupled’: Everything we know about the Neil Patrick Harris Netflix show
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'Uncoupled': Everything we know about the Neil Patrick Harris Netflix show

After a hiatus, Neil Patrick Harris is returning to an upcoming Netflix comedy series titled Uncoupled, directed by Emily in Paris filmmaker Darren Star.

While Harris has always been associated with the role of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, well-known for his affinity towards crisp suits and relentless womanising, Uncoupled will see Harris in a brand new avatar- a gay middle-aged man in New York City who undergoes a major relationship catastrophe. 

The eight-episode show is being helmed by Star. The show has already garnered a bit of controversy when veteran television actress Ada Maris accused Star of reinforcing stereotypes about Mexican characters, especially Latina housekeepers. 

Star is no stranger to controversies and accusations regarding stereotyping cultures. Previously, his popular Netflix Original show Emily in Paris has been criticised for its general Francophobic attitude. 

Starring Lily Collins, Ashley Park and Lucas Bravo among others, the first season was called out for stereotyping French culture. After the release of the second season, Oleksandr Tkachenko, the Ukrainian culture minister, issued a complaint, criticising the offensive stereotypes condoned by the show towards Ukrainian characters. 

While Star grapples with such accusations, we cannot help but be a tiny bit sceptical about Uncoupled. However, the much-awaited return of Neil Patrick Harris on the streamer makes us giddy with joy. 

Ahead of its release, here’s everything we know about Uncoupled

Everything we know about the Neil Patrick Harris Netflix show ‘Uncoupled’

When will Uncoupled be released on Netflix? 

Netflix released the official teaser trailer for Neil Patrick Harris’ upcoming film Uncoupled a few days back. The film is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on Friday, July 29th, 2022. 

What is the plot of Netflix’s Uncoupled?

The film will be based on a man named Michael whose perfect life comes crashing down when his beloved husband of 17 years abandons him without any reason. Michael’s worst nightmares come true; he loses a man he thought was his soulmate and finds himself as a single middle-aged gay man in New York City.

Shattered and bamboozled, Michael will have to navigate his way through life while dealing with a nasty heartbreak; the series will most likely chronicle his escapades in a hilarious yet moving fashion. 

Who are the cast members in Netflix’s Uncoupled

In August 2021, five-time Emmy and a Tony recipient actor, Neil Patrick Harris was cast as the lead in the upcoming comedy series. The 48-year-old actor is best known for his legendary role as Barney Stinson on CBS’ fan-favourite sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Uncoupled will mark Harris’ second collaboration with Netflix following his stint at A Series of Unfortunate Events as the dubious Count Olaf. 

Later in October, the streamer announced the rest of the cast. 

Tisha Campbell from Martin will be seen as Suzanne Prentiss, Michael’s business partner in real estate and his friend. 

Marcia Gay Harden, best known for Mystic River, will be laying the graceful art collector Claire Lewis who is on the verge of obtaining a divorce. 

The Mummy actor Tuc Watkins will be seen as the successful businessman Coin McKenna who is also Michael’s ex. 

Brooks Ashmanskas from Julie & Julia will play Stanley James, yet another art dealer and one of Michael’s best friends while Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Emerson Brooks will be seen as Billy Jackson, a close friend of Michael’s who is also a celebrity weather anchor. 

Where was Netflix’s Uncoupled filmed?

Netflix’s Uncoupled was filmed in New York City, USA, from November 2021 to April 2022. Currently, the film is in post-production, undergoing final edits before its July release. 

What is the controversy surrounding Netflix’s Uncoupled?

In November 2021, the upcoming release garnered quite a bit of controversy. Darren Star cast veteran television actress Ada Maris on the show. However, Maris spoke up against the alleged offensive and stereotypical portrayal of a Latina housekeeper on the show, slamming Star for the same. 

The Nurses actress wrote a long letter addressing the controversy and voicing her protest against the one-dimensional portrayal of Mexican characters; she called the role “hurtful” and “derogatory”. She said, “I was shocked because I walked in expecting something very different given the way things are nowadays and the progress we’ve made.”

Netflix apologised to Maris for the “discomfort” and offered to remove the character from the show.

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