Tyler Perry To Develop 16-Episode Netflix Series ‘Beauty In Black’
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Tyler Perry To Develop 16-Episode Netflix Series 'Beauty In Black'

After signing an extensive deal with Netflix, Tyler Perry has begun developing a new series titled Beauty In Black. The drama series will be comprised of 16 hour-long episodes.

Back in October, Perry signed onto a promise to deliver eight projects for the platform across four years. This announcement expands the deal with this first-look series. The series will be written, directed and produced exclusively by Perry as Netflix secure his talents.

According to the description on Netflix, the series follows a character called Kimmie, who is kicked out by her mother and struggles to make ends meet. Her life becomes intertwined with Mallory’s, a successful, richer woman. 

It’s a loose synopsis of what the show could become, but Netflix believes in it to put this kind of money behind it. Perry has had a long run of major TV success. His previous shows like Sistas, The Oval and Ruthless were hugely popular, while his Madea film franchise spent 12 weeks in Netflix’s global top 10 when A Madea Homecoming landed on the streaming service.

The multi-hyphenate talent already has three films under his belt on the service, including A Fall From Grace, A Madea Homecoming and the period drama A Jazzman’s Blues. There are two more upcoming films in the works, including the thriller Mea Culpa starring Kerry Washington and the war film Six Triple Eight.

There is no word yet on when Beauty In Black might arrive, as the series is only in the early days of development. Perry said about the deal, “Netflix has been an incredible partner to work with”.

But they’re not his only partner. He also has a contract with BET to create works for cable television and their new streaming service, BET+. Currently, Perry has 10 serieses that run across television and the online platform.