Netflix shares promotional image for Tyler Perry’s ‘Six Triple Eight’
(Credits: Netflix)

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Netflix shares promotional image for Tyler Perry's 'Six Triple Eight'

The eminent filmmaker Tyler Perry presents Six Triple Eight, his first project since signing a new creative deal with Netflix in October last year. 

Featuring a talented ensemble cast led by Kerry Washington, Six Triple Eight documents the remarkable true story of the first and only Black Women’s Army Corps unit to be stationed overseas during World War II.

The official synopsis for the movie reads: “855 women joined the war to fix the three-year backlog of undelivered mail. Faced with discrimination and a country devastated by war, they managed to sort more than 17 million pieces of mail ahead of time.”

Joining Washington on the star-studded cast are Dean Norris, Susan Sarandon, Oprah Winfrey, Sam Waterston and Sarah Jeffery. Perry co-wrote the screenplay with Kevin Hymel, while Nicole Avant, Angi Bones, Keri Selig and Tony Strickland took on production roles alongside Perry. 

Another feature in the pipeline for Perry is Mea Culpa, starring Kelly Rowland. The movie follows the story of a criminal defence attorney who accepts a case involving an artist suspected of being involved in the death of his girlfriend, raising questions about his guilt or innocence.

Tyler Perry has collaborated with Netflix on several previous titles, including A Jazzman’s Blues, a love story defying societal norms which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2022. 

Perry also brought the 12th instalment of the popular Madea franchise to Netflix with A Madea Homecoming. Additionally, Perry released a nail-biting thriller with A Fall from Grace.

See the first-look image from Six Triple Eight below. At present, a release date hasn’t been confirmed.