Trailer released for ‘Obsession’ starring Richard Armitage and Charlie Murphy
(Credit: Netflix)

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Trailer released for ‘Obsession’ starring Richard Armitage and Charlie Murphy

The trailer for the erotic thriller series Obsession has now had a trailer, a poster and several insightful images released. The series is set to arrive on Netflix this coming April and stars Richard Armitage and Charlie Murphy. The new trailer is the final official trailer, so it will give fans a real glimpse of what is to come next month.

The limited series sees Armitage stars a high-up London surgeon who begins an affair with his son’s fiancé (played by Murphy). This affair naturally has dire consequences, but Armitage’s characters can’t help but continue with his dangerous choice.

Obsession is based on Josephine Hart’s novel Damage and follows in the vein of other popular erotic films like Fifty Shades of Grey365 Days and Sex/Life. The show will, of course, contain nudity, sex and bad language, so it will not be suitable for children to watch.

Armitage has appeared in other Netflix projects, including Stay CloseBrain on Fire and The Stranger, while he has also offered his voice to the anime adaptation of the video game series Castlevania.

Charlie Murphy is known for her roles in The Last KingdomPeaky Blinders, and The Capture. The duo are joined by Indira Varma, who has featured in Game of Thrones, LutherRome, and Human Target.