Watch the new trailer for Netflix’s K-drama ‘Doctor Cha’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the new trailer for Netflix's K-drama 'Doctor Cha'

Netflix has just released the trailer for a new K-drama, Doctor Cha. The South Korean series is set to premiere on the streamer on April 15th. 

The medical comedy-drama follows one of Korea’s biggest stars, Uhm Jung-hwa, as the titular character, Cha Jung-sook, who returns to work as a doctor after 20 years of being a full-time housewife. Kim Byung-chul plays her husband, Seo In-ho, the chief surgeon at the hospital Cha excitedly returns to work at. 

The trailer teases a struggle between the strict husband and ambitious wife, with Seo telling his partner, “Just pretend we don’t know each other at the hospital.” He asks Cha, “Why not start with actually bothering to study first? Preferably somewhere out of the way.” She defiantly replies, “I refuse.”

The show has been directed by Kim Dae Jin and written by Jung Yeo Rang and will consist of 16 episodes. Two instalments will be released each week over the course of eight weeks until the series culminates on June 4th, 2023. 

The cast is also supported by Myung Se-bin as Seo’s first love, Min Woo-hyuk and Jo Eun-yoo as surgeons, and Kim Ye-eun as a medical intern. 

Check out the trailer below.