Toni Collette series ‘Pieces of Her’: Will there be a Season 2?
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Toni Collette series 'Pieces of Her': Will there be a Season 2?

Toni Collette starred in the latest Netflix thriller series, Pieces of Her, alongside Bella Heathcote who played her daughter, Andy. based on Karin Slaughter’s eponymous 2018 novel, the series is a deep-dive into the changing dynamics of a devoted mother and her beloved daughter when the latter stumbles upon secrets and classified information regarding her mother’s dark past. 

While battling goons and dealing with emotional conflict, Andy must protect herself against the evil forces who pursue her mother for vengeance. Since its release, it has become quite popular on Netflix with its numerous twists and turns and an epic finale.

While many have found Heathcote’s character to be quite tiresome and annoying – Andy cannot seem to follow her mother’s instructions- the general consensus regarding the show has been quite good. 

After eight nearly-hour-long episodes directed by Minkie Spiro, Charlotte Stoudt’s show has garnered quite a prominent number of fans who are excited to see if the show will return for a second season. Netflix has not yet made any official confirmation, here is what we know about Pieces of Her season two:

Toni Collette series ‘Pieces of Her’: Will it get a Season 2?

What happened in Pieces of Her season one? 

Pieces of Her has been a riveting watch. Following Karin Slaughter’s source novel, it focused on a daughter, Andy trying to uncover the unknown bits and secrets from her mother, Laura’s seemingly shady past. 

Over the course of the eight episodes in the first season, Laura’s actual identity is revealed to be Jane Queller, a former pianist who falls in love with Nick, a shady cult leader, who is Andy’s father. With the cult’s scheme misfiring and killing Jane’s father, Martin Queller, she is subsequently placed in a witness protection programme after revealing the true incidents. 

The intense finale records a showdown between the two women and Nick. Nick is in possession of a tape that contains evidence to incriminate Jane’s (now-Laura) brother, Jasper, who was also involved in their father’s murder. In exchange, he demands money. 

Finally, the duo escapes Nick’s wrath and burns down the cabin with the tape and the money inside. After the FBI arrests Nick, the show ends with a twist that shows that it was actually Laura who had instigated her father’s death, as realised by Andy, after the old man tried to terminate a fetal Andy. 

The bug in Nicks’s phone proves to be a fateful curse as jasper now holds the confession about laura’s involvement in Martin’s death over her head and blackmails her once again, getting her tangled in a web of lies, deceit and corruption once again. 

Will there be a Pieces of Her season two?

Netflix has not yet made an official announcement confirming season two, fans are not too worried as the streaming giant often takes months to renew a very popular show.  While Pieces of Her is not yet as popular as Bridgerton or Squid Game based on viewership ratings, it has been viewed for 53million hours globally and has been reigning in the top spot on Netflix charts for quite some time. 

Given the show’s success, it will not be very long until Netflix delights fans with a second season renewal for the show that seems to have struck a good chord with the viewers. 

What will Pieces of Her season two be about?

Netflix’s Pieces of Her follows the same timeline and plot as that of Karin Slaughter’s original source material. However, the series has a different ending from that of the book. Slaughter ends her novel with a faceoff between Laura and Nick, with the former compelling the cult leader to incriminate himself and go to jail. Later, Laura and Andy resume normalcy in their lives. 

The show, however, is way more ambiguous about Nick’s fate and ends with her brother, Jasper blackmailing Laura. This opens up the road to various new possibilities regarding the second season that could continue to stray off from the original source. 

According to showrunner, Charlotte Stoudt, Pieces of Her is no longer meant to be a limited series and will come back for a second season. Stoudt said, “It started as a limited, and then I think there was a decision made at a certain point to go for a series.” 

Talking about how it is “a Netflix decision”, Loudt said that “there’s certainly a lot more to tell.” 

She added, “I purposely kind of started building it out a little bit more. I tried to open it up so it could have some legs should it find an audience.” 

What does the cast have to say about Pieces of Her season two?

While the cast and crew have not said anything definitive yet, they all seem pretty excited at the prospect of being able to come back for a second season. Especially Heathcote has shared her interest in exploring her character, Andy’s changing dynamics with her mother in light of the truth. 

Colette, too, thinks that a second season is not “improbable”. Talking about her character, she said, “The thing is, with Laura, toward the end of the story, she finally has some freedom to be her true self, and then she gets that call and it all gets taken away immediately. It’s a very short-lived period of freedom.” 

Colette said that she would like to know how her character would react to her newfound freedom. “I would love to see what happens there and how she does get that freedom back that she got to taste for literally three hours before it was taken away again.”

Jacob Scipio played Michael Vargas, Andy’s love interest in the series, and he had a lot of interesting insights about his character. He revealed that the word ‘Vargas’ means ‘steep hill’ which explains the kind of life his character has had. 

Scipio explained, “He’s either on a long, hard climb up or sliding down. And at any rate, there’s no sign of the top. His life is a struggle, so he’s ready for the fight.”

Talking about Andy and Michael’s tumultuous relationship, he called it “complicated”. Sci[io opined, “when people go through a trauma together, there’s an unbreakable bond that will last forever — no matter what kind of paths they go on, whether they’re divergent or connected.”