Three wonderfully weird Nicolas Cage films to binge on Netflix
(Credit: Nicolas Genin)


Three wonderfully weird Nicolas Cage films to binge on Netflix

Nicolas Cage is a rather enigmatic thespian. His career has long been a rollercoaster ride through the realms of cinematic brilliance and eyebrow-raising choices. The man dances to his own tunes when it comes to choosing scripts. To classify him as merely an actor is to underestimate the sheer unpredictability he brings to the screen.

For long, Cage has divided audiences into two camps: those who believe he’s a master of his craft and those who think he’s just… well, a little bit kooky.

The quest to determine whether he’s a genius or a madman became so intense that even Abed Nadir from Community once embarked on an existential journey to crack the Cage code. Spoiler alert: It broke Abed. Abed didn’t find the answer, but he did give us a hilarious glimpse into the mind-bending conundrum that is Nicolas Cage’s filmography. 

From his worst to his weirdest, movies like The Wicker Man and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance are notorious for their absurdity yet strangely captivating in their own right. And then there’s the flip side—the brilliance of Leaving Las Vegas and the manic energy of Face/Off. Cage’s career is a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, and he’s turning every page with gleeful abandon.

As the man turns 60 in 2024, it’s only fitting to celebrate the occasion with a Cage-a-thon on Netflix. Here are three Nicolas Cage films you can watch on Netflix.

Pig (2021)

In Michael Sarnoski’s Pig, Nicolas Cage takes on the role of Rob, a once-famous chef turned truffle forager living in self-imposed isolation in the Oregon wilderness. His tranquil existence is shattered when his beloved truffle pig is stolen.

Unwilling to let go, Rob ventures into Portland’s culinary underworld, confronting his past and the harsh realities of the present. As he navigates the cutthroat world he left behind, the film becomes a poignant exploration of loss, identity, and the unbreakable bonds between humans and their animal companions.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022)

In Tom Gormican’s meta-comedy, Cage plays a fictionalised, down-and-out version of himself. Struggling with financial troubles, Cage accepts an offer to attend a wealthy superfan’s birthday party for a hefty paycheck. However, the seemingly simple gig takes a bizarre turn when he’s approached by a CIA agent (played by Pedro Pascal) who enlists his help in a covert mission.

Blurring the lines between reality and fiction, the film humorously delves into Cage’s eccentric public persona, his career highs and lows, and the absurd situations he finds himself entangled in while trying to regain control of his life.

Renfield (2023)

In Chris McKay’s Renfield, Cage transforms into the legendary Dracula. The story, however, revolves around Renfield, Dracula’s loyal and long-serving henchman, played by Nicholas Hoult. Tired of his servitude and seeking to break free from the immortal master-slave dynamic, Renfield goes on a darkly comedic quest for independence.

As he navigates a world filled with supernatural creatures and unexpected allies, the film promises to provide a fresh perspective on the classic vampire lore, with Cage’s Dracula adding his unique touch to the iconic character.