This shocking horror film is now streaming on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)

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This shocking horror film is now streaming on Netflix

Netflix has been adding truckloads of content to honour the spookiest month of the year. Besides newer titles and Netflix Originals, the streaming giant is also adding various classics and older titles that are downright bizarre. 

After adding the controversial horror flick The Devil Insidethe streaming giant has now begun streaming one of the most shocking horror films with a mind-boggling premise. 

2016’s Raw is extremely bloody, grisly and gruesome. It abounds in nudity, sex, blood and gore besides the use of crude language and mentions of drugs. 

The film shows a veterinary school freshman Justine who is a strict vegetarian, who is forced to eat meat as a part of the school’s traditional vicious hazing ritual. This event then leads Justine to develop an unhealthy attraction towards meat consumption, and she slowly begins to develop animalistic tendencies. 

Justine’s descent into carnivorous obsession and craving gradually leads to her being dependent on raw flesh.  

Written and directed by Julia Ducournau as her debut feature, the film stars Garance Marillier in the lead as Justine. The lead is accompanied in the movie by an ensemble cast including Ella Rumpf, Rabah Nait Oufella, Thomas Mustin and more. 

Her revelatory discovery and obsession with raw flesh constitute the shock value of the film. It is frightful and gory and deserves a watch if you are a blood obsessed horror aficionado. 

Watch the trailer of the film below.