This iconic Bradley Cooper film is soaring Netflix charts
(Credit: Netflix)


This iconic Bradley Cooper film is soaring Netflix charts

Bradley Cooper is a man of many talents. From voicing a cynical, kleptomaniac raccoon in Marvel’s Guardians of Galaxy to starring in his Award-winning directorial debut, A Star Is Born, alongside Lady Gaga, Cooper is a household name. With eight Academy Awards and one Tony Award nominations, besides a BAFTA and two Grammys, this multi-talented Philadelphia native has been a part of Hollywood for more than two decades. 

Cooper’s breakthrough film was inarguably the 2009 Todd Phillips film, The Hangover — a guffaw-inducing, trippy ride that has seen the leads in the most unlikely situations, as they try to decipher their evening and find out why Mike Tyson’s pet tiger in their bathroom. 

Starring Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms among others, the hit comedy has amassed a cult-like following as it provides mindless entertainment and fun within its R-rated realm. The film abounds in “bro humour”, which includes physical comedy, relentless goofs, madness, laughter and epic misadventures. 

With three epic films in the franchise that chronicle the epic misadventures of the quartet who call themselves the Wolfpack,  the first film sees nights of drunken debauchery that leads to a friend missing from the Wolfpack, leading the remaining trio to try and find him, despite their epic hangover

Crass and politically incorrect, the film was awfully successful and received love from global audiences for its chaotically funny premise. 

This raucous comedy is now dominating the most popular charts in Netflix US and deserves your unhinged attention yet again!

Cooper was recently seen in Licorice Pizza and A Star Is Born. Check out The Hangover on Netflix today!