The 10 best films on Netflix to watch on a hangover
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The 10 best films on Netflix to watch on a hangover

Did you have a blast last night (given the current state inside your living room), and are regretting everything you said or did? Are you regretting sending that silly text to your ex or calling your boss to ask him about the stagnance in your job? Does your head hurt like crazy and does everything seemingly suck except the leftover pizza and cute puppy videos? Congratulations, you are probably hungover.

Besides chomping on greasy bites and massaging your temples, do you know what your cure is? A good hangover film. Please do not watch something as mind-bending as Inception or as emotionally stirring as Interstellar. Do not toy around with Pixar films either. Your hungover self is pretty volatile and you probably do not need to torture yourself through hours of mindless crying and an even more insane headache. 

Go back to your favourites. Watch a silly, inane flick that has always brought out the best in you. Drool over a hunky Channing Tatum in Magic Mike or relive your embarrassing memories as an obnoxiously horny virgin while watching American Pie. The bottom line is that you must watch something that helps you take your mind off things and hate the world a little less. 

Since we have all been there and done that where we have envied Carrie for having good friends who have her back instead of expecting her to always hold back their hair while they drunkenly throw up, we decided to curate a list of films for you to watch when you are hungover. Thank us later by sending over a bottle of tequila!

Here are the 10 best films streaming on Netflix that will help you on your worst hungover days: 

The 10 best hangover films on Netflix:

Magic Mike (Steven Soderbergh, 2012)  

Magic Mike was one of the first movies to have ever sexualised male strippers, subverting Hollywood’s inherent culture of capitalising on nude women. Channing Tatum, who starred in and produced the film, drew heavy inspiration from his experiences as a stripper as an eighteen-year-old. The movie is essentially about the life of strippers, dominated by sex and drugs, which compel them to fall into heavy debts. The film became the talk of the town; despite its meagre budget, made a whopping $167 million globally. 

The cast visited a strip club to gain plenty of information on the world of stripping; Matthew McConaughey went the extra mile and became a regular at a Los Angeles strip mall to get used to waxing. He was nominated for an Indie Spirit award under Best Supporting Actor which he ended up taking home. 

“I think I see a lotta lawbreakers up in the house tonight.”

About A Boy (Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz, 2002)

Adapted from Nick Hornby’s novel, the film sees a young, frivolous man named Will who attends single parent therapy sessions to find single women to date, as he believes that they have low standards in men. He befriends a woman’s intelligent and playful son named Marcus, whose mother is somewhat suicidal. He eventually falls for a woman named Rachel; Marcus and Will develop a beautiful bromance and exist as a support system for one another. 

Although Rachel Weisz exists as a supporting character, she brings out various layers to her character which makes her intriguing. The overall humorous tone of the film has an underlying message of love and support which is beautiful to watch it does not fetishize relationships or resort to typical melodramatic sappy endings.  

“Once you open your door to one person, anyone can come in.”

Mean Girls (Mark Waters, 2004)

Cady Heron, a sixteen-year-old, who has never been to a real school, is suddenly thrown into North Shore High School where teenage emotions, hormones, angst and jealousy are rampant and raging. She encounters a group of mean girls, called the Plastics, which includes Karen Smith, Gretchen Wieners and the queen bee, Regina George. As Cady tries to grapple with the changing surroundings, making new friends and falling in love with Regina’s handsome ex, Aaron Samuels, she realises that high school is no different from the animal kingdom. 

With a brilliant ensemble cast, iconic dialogues and a funny yet moving screenplay, the film delves deep into the teenage psyche, exposing the four years of high school ridden with young love, jealousy, tantrums, rumours and fun. Lindsay Lohan read for Regina George’s part and so did Amanda Seyfriend. However, Lohan was given the leading role while Seyfried’s “spacey and daffy sense of humour” helped her bag the role of the animated and ditzy Karen Smith. 

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink!’

Mamma Mia! (Phyllida Lloyd, 2008) 

Sophie Sheridan, the 20-year-old bride-to-be wants her father to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. However, her mother, Donna is not sure of who her father is among her three flings. Unbeknownst to Donna, Sophie invites all three men to her wedding, hoping to find the real identity of her father, which leads to a string of hilarious events.

Lloyd recreates the Broadway musical on the gorgeous but fictional Grecian island of Kalokairi. Goofy and fun, the recreation of ABBA’s songs are splendid, as are the light, breezy and colourful visuals. Meryl Streep as Donna is resplendent. Seyfried plays the young and chirpy Sophie, shining brightly amidst the starry ensemble, desperately seeking her father’s identity. 

Somebody up there has got it in for me. I bet it’s my mother.”

Sex and the City 2 (Michael Patrick King, 2010)

Following the events of Sex and the City, Samantha is broken up with her ex Smith who is shooting in Abu Dhabi. She is invited for a trip and is joined by her best friends Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte who are all dealing with struggles of their own. In walks, Carrie’s ex Aidan and they end up kissing despite Carrie being happily married to Mr Big. 

The franchise has been a celebration of womanhood and friendships. It has seen the four women standing by each other while navigating through the complexities in life which include sexual depravity, masturbation, fashion blunders, menopause, career struggles, love, heartbreaks and many more. This film is rich in colours and beautiful dresses and is an utter visual delight. 

“You’re on a camel in the middle of the Arabian desert. If you’re not having a hot flash, you’re dead.”

American Pie (Paul Weitz, 1999)

A quintessential American teenage sex comedy sees a group of friends go through the most anticipated yet embarrassing rites- losing their virginity. Frustrated with their reputation of being virgins, the boys finally decide to indulge in some action. The group comprises a bunch of scaredy-cats- an awkward and naive Jim whose dad encroaches in his space whenever he can to give him unwarranted sex advice, the lacrosse star Oz, the calm and committed group leader Kevin, a snob named Paul as well as the only non-virgin, the rambunctious Steven Stifler. 

It is probably one of the most awful yet funniest teen sex comedies ever, with the film deriving its title from the iconic scene when Jim’s father, a visibly horrified Eugene Levy, walks in on him masturbating to an apple pie. The characters are sweet and lovable and their antics, too embarrassing and realistic. 

“By God, we’re not gonna let history condemn us to celibacy!”

13 Going on 30 (Gary Winick, 2004)

At 13, Jenna Rinks is a gawky and awkward teen who yearns to be popular and harbours a crush on the coolest boy in her class. However, lack of tits and a pair of braces have led to her growing insecurities; the only person who cares about her is her nerdy next-door-neighbour and best friend, Matty, who has a crush on her. During her birthday party, after being humiliated by her popular classmates, Jenna wishes she was 30 years old and her dreams come true. However, with age comes responsibilities and complications that a 13-year-old cannot possibly fathom, and the film follows Jenna as she embarks on a quest to find her true purpose in life. 

13 Going on 30 is a testament to all our teenage struggles. It is a heartwarming story where a young Jenna finally learns what is important for her. The film is innocent and magical, devoid of adult complications. Love triangles galore, the film ends on a happy note as all teenage films do; we are always made to believe that we too, like Jenna, will find our happy ending. 

“Just because you don’t look like those girls in Poise magazine doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful in your own way.”

Wedding Crashers (David Dobkin, 2005)

Divorce mediators Jeremy and John love crashing weddings to have sex with women. When they crash the US Secretary of Treasury’s daughter’s wedding, they are instantly tempted to seduce his other daughters Gloria and Claire. However, unbeknownst to them, their hearts play tricks by making them fall in love with the women and hilarity ensues, where the duo find themselves trapped in unthinkable predicaments.

 Wild and amusing, the film boasts of some unbelievably funny moments shared by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugh. Isla Fisher stars as Gloria who wants to be with Jeremy. However, the women in the film are too one-dimensional and some of the jokes might hurt sentiments. 

“Grief is nature’s most powerful aphrodisiac.”

Superbad (Greg Mottola, 2007)

Awkward high school misfits Seth and Evan desperately want to party and finally lose their virginity before going off to college. However, thor plans keep getting disrupted by drunken cops, menstruating fiancees, black eyes, messy brawls and charming naivete. 

Jonah Hill and Michael Cera play the lead characters which are based on the real-life experiences of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The general air of the film is high on the awkwardness of the teenage phase and the desperation to be popular, the honest and sweet vulgarity as well as the wonderful friendship shared by the two boys where they talk about loving each other and share cute little boops. 

“So I gotta sit here and eat my dessert alone like I’m Fucking Steven Glansberg.”

21 Jump Street (Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, 2012)

Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko are polar opposites with Schmidt being an awkward yet witty police officer while Jenko is the brawny yet stupid one. They unite over missed proms, police academy, motorcycle gang leaders and last but not least, disguised as high school students to infiltrate and arrest the spread of HFS (Holy Fucking Shit), a drug in Sagan high School.

Jonah Hill, who played the socially-awkward Schmidt was also the screenplay writer of this adaptation. He has described this “R-rated, insane” film as a “Bad Boys-meets-Jon Highes-type”. Both Tatum and Hill have an incredible on-screen bromance which makes the film an entertaining watch.    

“Sir, I know we come off as a couple of lady killers, but I promise you we’ll be super professional at the job.”