‘The Witcher’ co-star Anya Chalotra praises the Liam Hemsworth casting: “I’m excited for new energy”
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'The Witcher' co-star Anya Chalotra praises the Liam Hemsworth casting: "I'm excited for new energy"

In a major shakeup for Netflix’s popular fantasy series The Witcher, star Anya Chalotra has given her take on the transition from Henry Cavill to Liam Hemsworth in the pivotal role of Geralt of Rivia. After earning critical acclaim for his portrayal of the stoic Witcher, Cavill’s departure from the series came as a surprise to fans and cast members alike.

Cavill, who has led the series since its inception, will be making his final appearance in the upcoming third season of The Witcher. His departure and subsequent replacement by Hemsworth were announced last year, but the full impact of the change is only now being felt.

Speaking to Variety magazine, Chalotra shared that the cast was unaware of Cavill’s exit until after the filming of the third season had concluded. “And it’s always emotional filming at the end of any season – you know, that last scene you do with the people that you’ve worked with for eight months,” she said.

She further reflected on the strong bond the cast had formed over the years, especially with Cavill, who had been part of the journey since day one. Chalotra, who portrays the powerful sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg, explained, “It’s been five years of not only this world that we have in The Witcher, but Covid – all these things that we’ve gone through together, and it’s a strong bond.”

Acknowledging the inevitable shift, Chalotra expressed optimism and excitement for the future. “But with anything we do, it comes to an end. Henry is moving on from this, and that’s really exciting. We’ve had a wonderful five years with him, and I’m excited for new energy to come in as well,” she added.

Regarding Hemsworth’s casting as the new Geralt, Chalotra stated, “Liam will be brilliant, I’m sure. I haven’t spoken to him yet – well, I have spoken to him, but I haven’t met him. So yeah, I’m excited for that.”

Executive producer Steve Gaub echoed Chalotra’s sentiments earlier this week, expressing confidence in the world of The Witcher continuing to draw fans despite the change in casting. The third season of The Witcher, featuring Cavill’s last outing as Geralt, will be available on Netflix from 29 June.