The truth behind Penn Badgley and Cardi B’s friendship
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The truth behind Penn Badgley and Cardi B's friendship

Starring Penn Badgley in the lead as Joe Goldberg, Netflix’s You is one of the streaming platform’s most popular shows with a massive fanbase that has multiplied over the years, with each passing season. After it premiered on Netflix in the Christmas of 2018, it became one of the greatest hits. 

Created by Sera Gamble, the show revolves around Goldberg and his various escapades. He lets his psychopathic saviour complex take over his senses and indulges in obsessive behaviour over particular women. His knack for books, women’s lingerie and books make him equally despicable and intriguing. 

After the third season, which also stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnolds in prominent roles, premiered in October 2021, the show has gained a massive response. The third season sees Goldberg and his equally psychotic wife moving into the posh suburbs of Madre Linde to seemingly turn over a new leaf and provide a better and more secure future for their son, henry. 

However, the couple fails to keep their hands to themselves and soon find their tumultuous marriage caught in a web of lies, deceit, infidelity, jealousy, madness and murder that compels them to get their hands dirty. 

The American rapper Cardi B is a known You fan. While fans of both Badgley and Cardi B were in the dark about the nature of their relationship, recently, Badgley spilt his thoughts regarding the rapper. 

While in conversation regarding social media and authenticity, he mentioned Cardi B’s unabashed and unapologetic social media presence, where she presents a pretty raw and authentic version of herself. 

While he acknowledges the various judgemental remarks about the rapper, he praises her “authentic relationship” with the platform, which causes people to like her. 

Cardi B was overwhelmed by the video and took to Twitter to announce her excitement. The iconic duo even changed their Twitter avatars temporarily to pictures of each other to convey their shared sense of adoration and respect. 

Ever since this interaction went viral, fans of the show have been dying to see the rapper make an appearance in the fourth season. Much like the fan reaction to Kim Kardashian’s adoration for Netflix’s Bridgerton, they want Cardi B and Badgley to share screen space.

Cardi B has also suggested a premise to Netflix on Twitter. She said, “So it’s episode one, and I’m at Paris Fashion week shutting it down! I turn around and there stands YOU”. Perhaps, Netflix shall take the cue and cave in to create an epic episode with the duo. 

The fourth season of the show has already been announced. Following Love’s demise, Joe is seen leaving Madre Linde forever and escaping to Paris, hopefully in the search of Marianne with whom he had fallen head over heels in “love” in the latest season.

Season four will most likely see Joe assuming a different identity to exhibit the same toxic traits and characteristics.  

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