The terrible Jared Leto movie storming Netflix charts
(Credit: Netflix)


The terrible Jared Leto movie storming Netflix charts

There are few films as damning as Jared Leto‘s Morbius, a movie so bad that it could be legitimately seen as the first moment that superhero franchises began to plummet. Despite this, the actor’s prowess, or perhaps the car-crash brilliance of the schlocky production, means that the movie has found a heap of fans in Canada.

We’re not here to criticise the taste levels of Canadian audiences. However, we will point out that this week’s most-watched movie is Freelance, starring John Cena, with Despicable Me 3 also enjoying its fourth week in the most popular movies of the week chart. But, for many reasons, it is Leto’s Morbius which sticks out as the most egregious error.

The movie has been met with widespread disappointment and criticism since its release, with many viewers and critics alike labelling it as a terrible film. Firstly, the film suffers from a lacklustre and convoluted plot. The storyline feels disjointed and poorly executed, failing to engage viewers or provide a coherent narrative. Instead of focusing on developing compelling characters and story arcs, Morbius seems to rely heavily on tired tropes and predictable twists, resulting in a bland and uninspired viewing experience.

Jared Leto’s portrayal of the titular character has been widely criticised. Despite Leto’s undeniable talent as an actor, his performance comes across as shallow and unconvincing. The character lacks depth and complexity, failing to evoke any real empathy or interest from the audience. Leto’s interpretation of Morbius feels like a caricature rather than a fully realised character.

It’s not just the acting. The film’s visual effects and cinematography leave much to be desired. While some superhero movies rely on stunning visuals to compensate for other shortcomings, Morbius falls short in this department as well. The CGI feels cheap and poorly rendered, failing to create a sense of immersion or excitement. The action sequences lack energy and creativity, making it difficult for viewers to become invested in the film’s more intense moments.

Add this to the movie’s obvious pacing issues, and one does start to think if Canda is simply watching this movie because it is so bad. It’s not easy to pull off a truly interesting superhero movie, but even considering this difficult feat, there is a lot to be desired with Morbius.

Do yourself a favour and watch Despicable Me 3 instead.