The surprise martial arts film climbing the Netflix charts
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The surprise martial arts film climbing the Netflix charts

A once-overlooked martial arts film featuring Michael Jai White has soared to the top ten films chart on Netflix. Some might even think of this as campy direct-to-DVD gold.

Blood and Bone has clawed its way to the tenth spot on Netflix’s top ten films list in the United States. This unexpected resurgence may be baffling to many, but those who have observed the top ten films on streaming in the recent past know that films that are easier to consume passively often soar the highest.

Released in 2009, Blood and Bone is directed by Ben Ramsey, who not only helmed the project but also penned the screenplay about the world of underground fight clubs. White is in the lead role of Isaiah Bone, a mysterious ex-convict with unparalleled martial arts skills. Joining White are Eamonn Walker, Julian Sands, and Dante Basco.

The plot of Blood and Bone revolves around Isaiah Bone’s entry into the Los Angeles underground fight scene. Seeking justice for a friend who was wronged, Bone navigates the sketchy world of underground fighting, facing off against formidable opponents and corrupt power players. This is your classic underdog story.

Blood and Bone has found a new life on Netflix. Despite its late path to success, the film White’s martial arts prowess makes it a worthy option for fans of the lazy action film genre. In 2013, White had shown interest in a Blood and Bone sequel, but that never took off.

White has also played boxer Mike Tyson in the 1995 HBO television movie Tyson, the funny Spaghetti Western Outlaw Johnny Black, featured in a couple of Tyler Perry productions and even been in the blaxploitation satire Black Dynamite, both in the film and its corresponding animated series.

If you too are in the mood for something to switch off your mind to, you can watch Blood and Bone on Netflix and catch the trailer here: