‘The Society’ could return years after cancellation
(Credits: Netflix)


'The Society' could return years after cancellation

The world of Netflix cancellations is multifaceted, with most subscribers to the streamer having at least one cancelled show in the American platform’s extensive catalogue that they wish would be brought back for one last spin around the block. One show that has been at the back of many fans’ minds since it was released to acclaim and later canned is The Society. 

A teen mystery drama, The Society, was released in May 2019. It starred numerous rising newcomers, including Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jacques Colimon, Olivia DeJonge and several others.

Praised for its intricate plot, intrigue, and exploration of young adulthood and community, it was initially renewed for a second outing but eventually cancelled like other hit shows due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which impacted production. At the time the news was announced, fans were outraged at the decision, given that the show was so resonant. 

The Society tells the story of a group of teens who learn to run their own community when the rest of their town disappears. Things commence when a gang of students from the local high school return from a cancelled field trip to discover that everyone else has vanished. In this mind-bending tale, a forest starts to surround the town, with the outside world seemingly halting to exist and telephone lines and the internet not working. Something of a parable, the teenagers must devise a societal structure and rules to survive. 

In a new interview with Varietycreator and executive producer of The Society, Christopher Keyser, discussed what happened to his show and revealed that he hasn’t given up hope of returning for a second season. 

He explained: “This wasn’t a normal cancellation. This wasn’t about not having the audience or we didn’t believe in it anymore. There was a global crisis that changed all of our lives in the one year we were able to make it.”

He continued: “I have consistent conversations with a bunch of the writers and Marc Webb [executive producer] about how we might bring this back in some way.”

“We don’t have an answer yet, and I wouldn’t count on it, but I don’t do that with every show that gets cancelled.” He added: “The audience still wants to talk about it. They are still moved by it and want answers to the questions and then new questions are posed.”

While Keyser debated whether things will ever align properly for The Society to return for a second instalment, he did say he will keep trying for a while longer, as the cancellation has also irked him, not just fans.