The six best crime dramas on Netflix right now
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The six best crime dramas on Netflix right now

Crime dramas have this innate ability to draw in viewers and take them on a journey. For example, the viewership participation when it comes to genres like comedy is completely different than in crime dramas. The way the audience feels connected to a piece of media object entirely depends on interests and genres. Either way, crime dramas are known for their ability to make you navigate the front half of your seats throughout. Whether they are based on true crime series or not. It all depends on whether the plot was well-written or not. 

The hype for crime dramas and crime series, in general, has been unreal. With incredible responses to every new crime show in recent history, Netflix has been loyal to the niche. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has been trending ever since it screened on the streamer. Although the show has received some mixed reviews, if we isolate auteurs from the context, the presentation has been brilliant. 

This era of television has been revolutionary. Not only have streamers such as Netflix changed the face of stereotypical television, but has been responsible for the revival of some forgotten gems of genres. One of the genres that have been seeing the light at the of the tunnel for Netflix has been crime dramas. 

Ultimately, if you don’t want to miss out on an incredible presentation of some of the brilliant plots, hop into Best of Netflix’s train of curated lists. If you want to check out the list of the last favourite crime dramas you can find it here. Let’s move ahead without further ado and dive into this month’s best crime dramas on Netflix right now!

Six best crime dramas on Netflix right now

6. The Twelve (2019)

This flemish tv series gives everything we want from a crime series. The context is based on simpler foundations. Things take a turn when twelve simple citizens are summoned for jury duty. Soon the jury realises that they were not simply there to pass their judgement on a murder case. The story unfolds much deeper and you can expect some unexpected plot twists to mess with your mind. If you are looking for shows with a rather different take, this is where you begin.

The Twelve is now streaming on Netflix. You can check out the trailer for the flemish series here. 

5. The Unforgivable (2021)

Sandra Bullock has been your favourite at some point or other. She is known to produce strong performances enough to stir the flattest plots. However, The Unforgivable is here to offer much more than a flat plot. Ruth Slater (Sandra Bullock) has just been released from prison after serving her sentence. The only problem, the crime she committed was quite violent. How does Ruth manage to re-enter society as we know it? Is it possible to re-enter a world that is adamant about refusing to forget her past? Watch The Unforgivable now to find out more! 

The Unforgivable now streaming on Netflix here. Watch the trailer for this masterpiece directed by German director Nora Fingscheidt here! 

4. Unbelievable (2019)

Unbelievable is a mini-series that was released in the year 2019 but continues to be one of the favourite picks for crime drama on the streamer. This miniseries is based on a true story of a teenager speaking out about rape. Marie Adler, portrayed by Kaitlyn Dever, is the teen who decided to report her rape. Soon after, the case is taken up by two female detectives who go on to unwind the case further. Eventually, the truth unfolds. With a jarring plot and an even stronger presentation, the show will give you goosebumps. Add it to your weekend watchlist now! 

Watch the trailer for the show here and start streaming it now on Netflix here!

3. The Serpent (2021)

Also based on a true crime story, this miniseries unfolds the notorious criminal past of an infamous serial killer of french and Indian descent called Charles Sobhraj. The show follows the trajectory of a junior Dutch diplomat called Herman Knippenberg stationed in Thailand. Things take a turn for Sobhraj when Knippenberg takes it upon himself to investigate the disappearance of two dutch backpackers across South East Asia. Posing as a gem dealer called Alain, Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim) lured his victims into the known realm.

Charles would eventually kill his victims and steal everything that he could steal from them. Eventually caught guilty for his crimes of almost 24 accounted murders, the serial killer’s story has been captured with sheer excellence. Where Jenna Coleman is also seen playing the murderer’s right hand and a partner called Marie-Andrée Leclerc. Definitely a must-watch for all the crime lovers out there. Do not, I repeat, do not miss out on this one-hit-wonder. 

The Serpent now streaming on Netflix. You can watch the trailer for this miniseries here! 

2. The Watcher (2022)

This newly released show follows the story of the Broaduses when they moved into their dream house in New Jersey. Soon after, they receive a letter that makes quite sinister threats. They receive more such letters with details of the family and the house that only someone who has walked inside the house must have known. After they bought the house and received the letters, they reached out to the previous owners, who agreed to have also received a similar letter.

Things get darker by the day, and the rapidity with which they receive the letters keep increasing. Alongside, the family is also haunted by the presence of overindulging and eccentric neighbours who all come off a little off. What baffles most is that the watcher still remains unidentified. If you have managed to sway from the show, sway no more. Add the show to your weekend watchlist now! 

The Watcher is currently available on the streamer. Watch the trailer for this eerie and nerve-bending show here! 

1. The Valhalla Murders (2019)

Loosely based on a real-life incident, the one-season wonder The Valhalla Murders is out there waiting to be devoured if you haven’t already. The show follows the story of a detective forced to move back to his native land in Iceland to further investigate a trail of murders. Being linked to a mysterious photograph, the serial killer is found to have abused elderly men and butchered them. The word gruesome is not enough to describe the horrors of the sites. However, the show has been filmed beautifully and manages to keep you at your feet throughout. Police profile Arnar has been summoned to work alongside local senior police official Kata to investigate murders with connections.  

The Valhalla Murders are currently available on the streamer. Watch the trailer for this outstanding show here!