The scariest horror film in the world is leaving Netflix in June 2022
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The scariest horror film in the world is leaving Netflix in June 2022

Netflix will be bidding farewell to some of its popular films and series titles in June 2022 to make space on the shelves for new additions. Among such titles is one of the scariest and most famous horror films in the world which terrified the living lights out of the viewers. 

Directed by William Friedkin and written by William Peter Blatty, the iconic 1973 horror film The Exorcist arrived on Netflix on February 1st, 2022. 

Starring Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, Jason Miller, Max von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb, Jack MacGowran and Father Thomas Bermingham, a real-life priest, this horror masterpiece are based on Blatty’s eponymous 1971 novel. 

The film chronicles the story of a young girl named Regan and her mother, Chris, and how their lives are upturned after a demonic entity named Pazuzu possesses Regan after she messes with an Ouija board. 

Two Roman Catholic priests attempt to perform an exorcism but the terrifying demon puts up an ungodly fight, making the task seem impregnable and difficult. 

Nominated across ten categories at the 46th Academy Awards, winning two for Best Screenplay and Best Sound, the film also won Golden Globes and various other accolades, inspiring more films and series. It was even touted by James Wan to be “one of the finest movies ever made”. Wan added, “It just so happens to be a scary movie.”

A raw and horrifying portrayal of faith, evil and the unholy, the paranoia, hysteria and mystique add to its irreverent reputation of being cursed.

Directed by David Gordon Green, the man behind the new reboot of the Halloween trilogy, a new The Exorcist reboot is currently in production and is slated to premiere on October 13th, 2023. Burstyn will reprise the role of Chris and will be pursued by Leslie Odom Jr. to help the latter’s possessed child. 

The Exorcist is leaving Netflix on June 26th, 2022.