The relentlessly raunchy Jennifer Aniston comedy storming Netflix
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The relentlessly raunchy Jennifer Aniston comedy storming Netflix

Since bidding farewell to her role as the lovable Rachel Greene on Friends and before sealing her spot as a serious actor on The Morning Show, Jennifer Aniston took a nosedive into the realm of raunchy comedy. And these films regularly shoot up the vine on Netflix’s top ten charts worldwide.

From her stint as a cynical stripper in We’re the Millers to her turn as the sex offender dentist in the Horrible Bosses franchise, Aniston has done all she can to shed her good-girl image for something a bit more wicked. The sultry and scandalous Dr Julia Harris came back for another round of crimes in Horrible Bosses 2, which is currently holding court at the eighth spot on Netflix’s top ten films list in the US.

Directed by Sean Anders and written by John Morris and Anders, Horrible Bosses 2 reunites audiences with their favourite trio of bumbling buddies—played by Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day—on yet another harebrained adventure. This time, they venture into the world of entrepreneurship only to find themselves entangled in a kidnapping scheme gone awry.

But the real star of the show is Aniston’s Dr Harris, whose appetite for scandalous behaviour knows no bounds. In the first film, Dr Harris found herself embroiled in a blackmail plot after assaulting a sedated patient. However, as Aniston confessed in an interview, Dr Harris is far from reformed in the sequel.

“She’s so unapologetic and confident and just insanely wrong in so many ways that it’s just so much fun to play,” Aniston revealed to MTV News. “She’s trying to get help, supposedly, but it almost feels like she’s just swimming in a sea of chum, trying to find her next group of victims.”

Aniston’s portrayal of Dr Harris is even raunchier this time around, with the actor confessing that the over-the-top sexual scenes are almost impossible to film without bursting into laughter. “[It’s hard not to laugh] when you’re doing that many takes, and you’re throwing out all of these different lines to try to see which is going to shock Jason more, or what’s going to tick the box of ‘That was it,'” she admitted. “It’s a hard one, but we enjoy that. There’s nothing wrong with laughing too hard.”

You can watch the R-rated comedy Horrible Bosses 2 on Netflix like the rest of your American brethren. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about the scary dentist.