The ‘dirty’ Jennifer Aniston comedy climbing the Netflix charts
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The 'dirty' Jennifer Aniston comedy climbing the Netflix charts

If your brain cannot compute dark and dystopian tales on the weekends, then may we interest you in a mindless comedy starring Jennifer Aniston instead? Aniston followed up her raunchy turn in Horrible Bosses by playing a stripper in We’re the Millers, the caper currently sitting at the sixth spot on Netflix’s global top ten.

We’re the Millers stars Jason Sudeikis in his pre-Ted Lasso, dirtbag comedian era. He plays a small-time drug dealer David Clark. In an attempt to smuggle a massive shipment of marijuana across the Mexican border, he devises a plan to pose as a picture-perfect family on vacation. He recruits a group of misfits, including a stripper named Rose (played by Aniston), a nerdy teenager named Kenny (Will Poulter), and a runaway girl named Casey (Emma Roberts), to form his makeshift family.

The 2013 Rawson Marshall Thurber film happens to have a weird striptease sequence, featuring prim and proper Rachel Greene from FRIENDS, that might either titillate or make you cringe hard. Speaking of the pole dance sequence, Aniston had mentioned to Collider how it was a challenging scene for her to shoot, “I just had to do it. We rolled the cameras and I had to just bite the bullet.  It was a little uncomfortable at first because doing all the rehearsals alone with Denise, and then all of a sudden you’re on the set with three cameras and a bunch of crew. It was a little intimidating at first.”

The cast found the threeway kissing scene between Aniston, Poulter, and Roberts just as awkward to film. Poulter said, “It was kind of a bizarre scene to film, we kind of just laughed our way through it. It was a very awkward day for all involved,” Aniston echoed the sentiment by adding, “It was extremely awkward.” However, as per Thurber, it was Aniston’s idea to make Rose join in along with Casey and Kenny,  “I think it was Jen who thought it would be funny if Rose joined in, which made all the difference in the sequence.”

The humour in We’re the Millers is often crude, but the film also features two iconic comedy quips that have found their way into pop culture lexicon now: the “No Ragrets” tattoo and the “Wait, you guys are getting paid” moment that has become a meme loved by every unpaid intern around the world.

The film also stars Ed Helms as a drug lord, Nick Offerman as a DEA agent who is married to Katheryn Hahn’s character, Luis Guzmán as a sleazy Mexican cop, Ken Marino as another sleazy character who owns a strip club, and Molly Quinn who plays the naive daughter of Offerman and Hahn’s characters.