The Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal action movie soaring up Netflix’s charts
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The Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal action movie soaring up Netflix's charts

Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal have rapidly become BFF goals over the years. In the recent past, their individual fame soared with titles like The Last of Us, Moonknight and more, but their friendship goes much further. The two have even worked together in an action-adventure film, which Ben Affleck headlined, and it is currently soaring on the Netflix global chart.

Directed by J.C. Chandor, Triple Frontier has secured its spot at number six on the list of top ten films on the streaming platform. The script, co-written by Chandor and Mark Boal, takes the audience on a high-stakes journey through the dangerous landscapes of South America.

The film has managed to accumulate 7.5 million hours viewed as well as 3.6 million total views within its first week on the chart. 

The film, featuring Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal, follows a band of former US Army Delta Force operators. The plot centres on their risky reunion before a daring heist targeting the crime lord Gabriel Martin Lorea. As the characters navigate treacherous landscapes and moral dilemmas, the film seamlessly blends intense action with themes of loyalty and morality. 

One fascinating aspect of the film’s production is the camaraderie that developed among the cast during the shoot. Isaac and Pascal’s real-life friendship translated seamlessly on screen. 

In an interview with Hola! magazine, Isaac had emphatically claimed Pascal to be more than just a friend, “He’s my family,” Isaac declared. “And I don’t have a f— clue about the fame part of it—I just see somebody who’s finally really getting the recognition that he’s due.”

Triple Frontier has also soared past other contenders into the top ten films chart in seven countries, including Morocco and Bulgaria.

You can watch Triple Frontier on Netflix and catch the trailer here: