Five essential action series to binge this weekend on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Five essential action series to binge this weekend on Netflix

This week’s biggest releases on Netflix are the crime drama Painkiller and the action drama Heart of Stone. These will get your adrenaline pumped and put you in the mood for more heart-pounding action, intense suspense, and gripping storytelling. 

That is precisely why we have curated five action series for you to watch on Netflix this weekend. This is just the latest in our ongoing ‘essential binges’ series.

Netflix has an array of action-packed series that will keep you on the edge all weekend long. You would almost feel like you have done something grand at the end of the weekend, even if you never left your couch.

Whether you’re a fan of crime dramas, spy thrillers, or dark comedies, there’s something for everyone in this lineup. Here are our five essential action series picks you can binge on Netflix this weekend.

Five essential series to binge on Netflix this weekend:


Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Grant Morrison and artist Darick Robertson, Happy! is a wild ride that combines gritty crime drama with surreal fantasy elements. The series follows Nick Sax, a down-and-out ex-cop turned hitman who finds himself reluctantly teaming up with an imaginary blue-winged horse named Happy.

Together, they embark on a quest to rescue a kidnapped girl. With a unique blend of dark humour and violent action, Happy! offers a thrilling and unpredictable viewing experience that will leave you craving more. Brian Taylor serves as director for most of the episodes.


This British series, Bodyguard, created and written by Jed Mercurio, centres around David Budd (Game of Thrones star Richard Madden), a war veteran who becomes a security officer assigned to protect a controversial politician. As the threats against her life escalate, David finds himself torn between his duty to safeguard her and his suspicions about her true intentions.

With its nail-biting suspense and complex character dynamics, Bodyguard offers a gripping exploration of loyalty, betrayal, and the complexities of modern security challenges.

The Night Agent

Set in a world of espionage and covert operations, The Night Agent follows a skilled intelligence officer as he navigates a web of deception, danger, and intrigue. Saucy! With its high-stakes missions and plot twists, this series promises to deliver an adrenaline-pumping viewing experience that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Created by Shawn Ryan, the series is based on the novel of the same name by Matthew Quirk, and stars Gabriel Basso as the titular Night Agent.


Bloodhounds is a South Korean series that introduces a unique take on the action genre. The story revolves around two young boxers who venture into the world of private loan sharks in search of quick money, only to become entangled in a far-reaching conspiracy. As they grapple with powerful forces, viewers can expect a blend of adrenaline-fueled action and more.

Written and directed by Kim Joo-hwan, the series stars Woo Do-hwan, Lee Sang-yi, Park Sung-woong, and Huh Joon-ho.


For a dose of action-packed comedy, you can go with FUBAR. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first leading role in a scripted live-action television series, this show offers a funnier twist on the action genre. The series follows Luke Brunner and his daughter Emma, who both discover that they are CIA operatives.

Forced to work together on dangerous missions, the duo navigates a world of espionage while also dealing with their own personal conflicts.