The ‘One Piece’ role Jamie Lee Curtis wants to play next season
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


The 'One Piece' role Jamie Lee Curtis wants to play next season

Jamie Lee Curtis has been vocal about her love for One Piece for a while now. Her affection for the series is well-documented, and fans have been buzzing about the role she hopes to take on in the potential future seasons of the Netflix One Piece live-action adaptation.

Curtis’s admiration for One Piece has been evident for years. Her beloved character within the Straw Hat Pirates crew is none other than Tony Tony Chopper, the crew’s doctor. However, she once expressed her desire to play Nico Robin. Curtis was part of a Comic-Con panel along with Scream Queens cast members when a crowd member at the event asked, “If you were to become anyone from any TV show, who would you be?” Curtis responded, “I’d be Nico Robin from One Piece,” to resounding hooting and claps from the audience.

While Curtis acknowledged at the Oscars red carpet this year that she may have aged out of the role, her enthusiasm for the series remains unwavering. “I’m not gonna get to play [Robin]. I’m a little old. But there’s that wizened old crone lady, not Nico Robin…” Here is where the interviewer, Juju Green, who goes by the moniker of Straw Hat Goofy on TikTok, prompted, “Kureha!” to which Curtis nodded with her signature sage smile.

“Maybe I can be Kureha. She wears those really low bell bottoms. She’s looking a little nasty, but she has that long stringy grey hair. My [daughter] Ruby said that that would be what I would play,” Curtis concluded excitedly. She has also talked about wanting to play Dr. Kureha is other interviews.

Who is Dr. Kureha in One Piece?

Dr. Kureha hails from Drum Island, where her unconventional medical practices have earned her the reputation of being somewhat of a witch. She serves as the mentor to Tony Tony Chopper, taking on the role of his adoptive mother. She also leads the Isshi, a collective of highly skilled doctors from Drum Island.

Considering the current progression of the Netflix adaptation of One Piece, Dr. Kureha, if she makes it to the live-action, is more likely to appear towards the end of season two.

Curtis’s daughter, Ruby Guest, has shown her support for this casting choice, saying, “My mom loves Kureha. I would be 100 per cent for it.”

Even the actor who portrays Nami in the series, Emily Rudd, has weighed in on the discussion. In a recent Instagram story, Rudd tagged Jamie Lee Curtis and shared a picture of Dr. Kureha when asked about her dream casting for the One Piece live-action. Her endorsement further fueled the excitement surrounding Curtis’s potential involvement in the project.

While we wait and watch if Jamie Lee Curtis gets to pull a Bear again and “manifests” her presence in One Piece, you can stream season one on Netflix.