The Noah Schnapp stalker film soaring the Netflix charts
(Credit: Netflix)


The Noah Schnapp stalker film soaring the Netflix charts

Noah Schnapp was missing in action for most of the first season of Stranger Things. His character, Will Byers, gets trapped in the Upside Down and has to be rescued. But Schnapp has made up for it in the subsequent seasons. Consequently, he has become one of the more popular actors from the main cast. 

He has also been able to flex his acting muscles elsewhere in the past few years. One such film is soaring on the Netflix global top ten chart this week.

The Tutor might not have received widespread acclaim from critics, but it has found an audience on the streaming platform. The film’s chilling premise, no matter how ill-executed, is tempting enough for fans of popcorn thrillers. 

In the shadows of a remote mansion, The Tutor unfolds a mysterious tale of secrets and obsessions. Garrett Hedlund portrays Ethan Campbell, a private tutor on hire for the elite. Campbell’s life takes a haunting turn when he accepts a tutoring job at the mansion. His troubled student, Jackson, played by Schnapp, reveals a disturbing fixation with him that threatens to unravel Ethan’s life.

The film is directed by Jordan Ross and stars Friday Night Lights and Inside Llewyn Davis alum Hedlund, Victorious star Victoria Justice, in addition to Schnapp.

The Tutor may not be at par with films with similar themes like The Talented Mr. Ripley or Gone Girl, but it will make do when you want something more of the same flavour. The film was shot on a smaller budget, after all.

Speaking to Collider, Hedlund explained, “Yeah, we shot fast. I think it was a four-week shoot. That’s, you know, 20 days,” continuing, “But, it was quite a small budget, then when you watch it and it seems like the budget was much higher, it all goes to Jordan Ross. He went around and met so many locals from Birmingham explaining that we were shooting this film, explaining what the film was about, this and that, and so many generous, wonderful families invited us to come shoot in their beautiful homes. All of a sudden, we were shooting in mansion after mansion after mansion, all the way from Birmingham to Lake Alexandria, to what have you.”

Hedlund concluded by thanking the families who helped them on their shoot, “That was a wonderful benefit, so thank you to all the wonderful families.”

Despite being panned by critics, The Tutor has managed to find its place among Netflix’s most-watched films this week, and it is currently occupying the seventh spot in the global top ten.