‘The Night Agent’ ending explained
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'The Night Agent' ending explained

Netflix’s newest political agent hit is gaining much traction for the right reasons. The Night Agent is one of the latest shows dropped by Netflix. It has managed to get famous quickly and is soaring through the charts. Since Wednesday, The Night Agent has quickly picked up on being one of the most-watched shows within its first week. This article attempts at a clear ending explained. Tying up loose ends while exploring the potential for more seasons. 

What was originally planned to be launched as a limited series quickly grew to be one of the more promising projects for Netflix. Now the production team are looking into expanding its storyline. Trying to continue weaving the complex plot further.

Peter Sutherland, played by Gabriel Basso, plays the role of a committed FBI agent following the legacy of his father. However, Peter works thoroughly to investigate the sudden death of his father, who was allegedly involved in a traitorous plot against the government. 

Peter’s goal is to delve deeper into the acquisitions against his father. But whilst unravelling a mole planted deep within the U.S. national security that is constantly working to jeopardise the lives of others. 

The plot explained 

Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent, has been assigned the job of handling phone calls made by underground officials working for national security. The novel The Night Agent, written by Matthew Quirk, inspired the series adaptation.

The series begins with Peter interfering in a planned attempt at an orchestrated anonymous assassination. When he does, he gets recognised for his bravery but people do not overlook his father’s past stories whilst doing so. 

Throughout the show, he digs deeper into the multiple bombings and eventually manages to catch those who are responsible. If you are yet to watch the series, this is where you should stop reading to avoid spoilers.

Did Rose make it?

Soon he gets called by a tech CEO, Rose Larkin (Luciane Buchanan), whose aunt and uncle (former night agents) were murdered at their own house. Unaware of their real job, Rose follows what her uncle and aunt instruct her to do and ends up calling Peter for help.

Peter soon jumps into action and manages to save her at the last moment. Ever since there has been constant chaos in the lives of both. Rose soon realises that her family were not who they seemed to be. She grows increasingly curious upon their assassination. 

Although Peter thought he was working for the White House, the finale unravels how the people involved in the incidents were working on the inside. Vice President Ashley Redfield (Christopher Shyer) and Chief of Starr Diane Farr (Hong Chau) were behind the incidents. They validate their reasons by blaming it on the system. 

The death of Rose’s family explained 

Rose’s aunt and uncle were a few of the night agents who got dangerously close to unravelling the truth behind the orchestrated failed attempt at the bombing assassination. Who were the moles trying to assassinate? Foreign associate minister Omar Zadar (Adam Tsekhamn). 

When the notorious duo try a second time to end the life of the opposing leader, Peter catches onto their activities and is able to put two and two together. When he and his team of Night Agents manage to stop the assassination at Camp David, he also manages to save the country’s president’s life. Remarkably showing his true capabilities once again. 

‘The Night Agent’ ending explained 

At the end of the show, when Peter gets on a jet, he receives a special envelope. The envelope contains information for his next mission. He is finally promoted to a night agent and receives his first mission, with added mystery for the viewers. Meanwhile, the player who organises the assassinations is nowhere to be found. Probably a planned implicit plot marker made to keep the masses hooked for a potential second season. 

The two responsible for the attempted assassinations are recognised and arrested. The pair, Peter and Rose, were being assisted by Redfield’s neglected daughter Maddie (Sarah Desjardins) and a security detail Chelsea (Fola Evans-Akingbola).

Vice President’s narcissistic ambitions are presented clearly when he sends his own daughter out of his bunker whilst he keeps in tight. Zadar manages to live through the explosion while the culprits serve their sentence.

All the viewers dearly loved Peter for his high-functioning moral conduct and careful decision-making process. Gabriel Basso knocked it out of the park and has quickly become a beloved night agent.

A must-watch series with a progressively complex plot jam-packed with action. Catch it currently streaming on Netflix here. But first, watch the trailer right below.