The Kate Mara canine drama on Netflix that’ll make you cry
(Credit: Netflix)


The Kate Mara canine drama on Netflix that'll make you cry

In a world where streaming platforms compete for our attention like puppies vying for a treat, one biographical drama with a particular canine twist has climbed to the top of Netflix. Tugging at the heartstrings and driving viewers to the verge of tears with its tale of love, loyalty, and courage, this Kate Mara drama is based on a true story.

Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and written by Pamela Gray, Annie Mumolo, and Tim Lovestedt, Megan Leavey follows the true story of a young Marine corporal who forms a unique bond with a combat dog named Rex during their deployment in Iraq. Played by Kate Mara, Leavey finds solace and purpose in her partnership with Rex as they embark on dangerous missions together. The real Leavey is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who served as a Military Police K9 handler.

The film has all the usual military drama trappings. It highlights the bravery and sacrifice soldiers have to make, but the core of the story celebrates the bond between humans and animals. As Mara herself revealed in an interview with Collider, the connection she formed with the dogs on set mirrored the camaraderie between soldiers. She trained extensively with Varco, one of the three dogs cast in the film, and their bond grew organically through mutual trust and respect. “It wasn’t like you bond with a pet. It was the way you bond with another soldier,” Mara noted in the interview after saying, “Varco was my main guy and he and I bonded naturally.”

Just like in real life, in the biopic Mara’s Leavey is paired with Rex, who happens to have an attitude problem and doesn’t get along with anyone. Through intense training, the two bond before setting on two deployments in Iraq. Their first deployment took them to Fallujah in 2005, followed by a second deployment to Ramadi in 2006, where they both suffered injuries from an improvised explosive device.

For her bravery and service, Leavey was honoured with the Purple Heart and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. In 2012, Rex developed facial palsy, leading to the end of his bomb-sniffing duties and retirement from the military. Leavey was able to adopt Rex around April 2012. Sadly, Rex passed away on December 22nd, 2012. Speaking of the “courageous” Leavey, Mara could not help but praise the war hero in her interview, “She’s so sweet, down-to-earth, easy-going, really good with people, very personable, open and very willing to talk about her experience.”

It’s no wonder that Megan Leavey has climbed the ranks to become the fifth film on Netflix’s top ten list globally. Garnering over 9.7million hours viewed and 5million individual films, it’s clear that this military drama has struck a chord with viewers who enjoy a good dog overcoming the odds story.

This may be too sentimental for some, but if that is indeed your jam, then tune into Megan Leavey on Netflix. But first, catch the trailer for a demo of what to expect: