The 10 most popular films on Netflix this week: April 2024
(Credit: Netflix)


The 10 most popular films on Netflix this week: April 2024

The ten most popular films on Netflix this week that have kept audiences glued to their screens offer a scintillating mix. There’s the baffling true crime documentary What Jennifer Did on one end of the spectrum, and the South African action hit Heart of the Hunter on the other.

Leading the pack is What Jennifer Did, a documentary about the chilling story of Jennifer Pan and her involvement in a plot to kill her parents. This true-crime tale unfolds with all the twists and turns of a riveting thriller, from hired hitmen to a ploy to gain freedom.

Next up is the animated adventure Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp, directed by Jonathan A. Rosenbaum, where Woody finds refuge at Camp Woo Hoo, but little does he know that his newfound haven is under threat. But that is not the only animated film in the top ten this week. A little down the line, we have Hotel Transylvania 2. It is in its fifth non-consecutive week in the top ten. It continues to charm with its quirky characters and monstrous hijinks.

Scoop takes audiences behind the scenes of a journalistic coup that rocked the British establishment. This biographical drama, directed by Philip Martin and featuring a stellar cast, including Gillian Anderson, Rufus Sewell, and Keeley Hawes, chronicles the events leading to a landmark television interview that opened up a can of worms that ultimately led nowhere concrete.

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Megan Leavey explores the journey of the titular Marine Corporal and her bond with a combat dog named Rex. With Kate Mara in the titular role, this heartfelt drama has risen the ranks to the fifth spot on the global charts.

For fans of pulse-pounding action, The Bricklayer has been delivering thrills aplenty. Directed by Renny Harlin and featuring Aaron Eckhart in the lead role, this adrenaline-fueled thriller follows a retired operative pulled back into the fray to unravel a deadly conspiracy. John Lee Hancock’s The Little Things takes a darker turn as a moody detective drama. The film follows two detectives investigating a string of murders. Denzel Washington and Rami Malek headline along with Jared Leto, which is possibly what has been drawing in the viewers.

Rounding out the top ten are Wes Ball’s The Maze Runner, a dystopian thriller, and Mandlakayise W. Dube’s Heart of the Hunter, a gripping tale of redemption and revenge set against the backdrop of South Africa’s political landscape. So, what have you been bingeing this week?

(Credit: Netflix)

The 10 most popular films on Netflix this week:

  • What Jennifer Did
  • Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp
  • Scoop
  • Megan Leavey
  • The Bricklayer
  • Hotel Transylvania 2
  • The Little Things
  • The Maze Runner
  • Heart of the Hunter